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Re: Bellatrix, the Traitor?

I think it will be more that Voldemort will betray everyone close to him. He's a selfish self serving son of a gun and will throw anyone in the path of destruction so that he could survive. I think when/if the death eaters realize that, they will no longer be afraid to stand up against Voldemort because their plight will be the same. It is better to stand up for yourself than be a patsy for someone as sorry as Voldemort if your fate is the same.

I would like to add that she is foolish to think that the Dark Lord cares for her (end of book 5 and book 6) out of her foolish devotion or some other way. Remember Dumbledore has told Harry that although Riddle had a following they were not his friends nor did he much care for them. He would only use them to do what he wanted and basically used them all for his purposes.

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