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Re: Bellatrix, the Traitor?

Originally Posted by LordJackSparrow View Post
Maybe if she did have a child, and knew it for 16 years like Narcissa, she would not be so willing to give it up. And she's known Narcissa her whole life, Voldemort, not as long.
Maybe... I don't know if motherhood could change her character that much though. She's so rigid. She doesn't even have any qualms about attacking her own family, including her sister's kid (Tonks, I mean, not Draco, though I don't know how close she is to him either). I know Andromeda's blasted from the Black family tree and all, but still, that is pretty harsh (but given the family itself and how it marinates in its ideology, maybe it's not as harsh.).

Even if Bella did have a kid, I really think she'd go through with what she said at Spinner's End. She'd probably raise it with the full intention of having it join its parents in Lord Voldemort's ranks. Now, I don't know how Rodolphus would feel. Maybe he wouldn't be willing to let his kid join the Death Eaters or anything like that, but Bella, I think she'd be all for it.

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