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Re: Hermione's Family (Do they know she is a witch?)

Originally Posted by PeerlessKid View Post
It does surprise me though of how little time she spends with her family, is hardly every with them during holiday. I'm guessing the parents tell the uncles, aunts and rest that she goes to a boarding school. It's the only way to explain the unbelivably large amount of time that she's away from her family
Slightly off-topic, but I do believe that the reason she spends so much time at Hogwarts/the Burrow during Christmas holidays has to do with the fact that she's trying to make her place in the wizarding world and staying there during the holidays in Hermione's mind kind of cements that. Also after so much time away from her Muggle school friends, I'm sure she really doesn't have anything to go back to except her parents anymore since she wouldn't be able to share anything with people outside of her immediate family.

I don't think anyone else in Hermione's family is aware that she's a witch; to me, it seems that it isn't out of the ordinary for children to attend boarding schools once they reach junior high age. Dudley and Piers both attend a boarding school, and Justin Finch-Fletchly was going to Eaton until he received a Hogwarts letter. Aunt Marge doesn't question Harry's attending a boarding school so I doubt Hermione's extended family (if she even has any) would dig very deep into the story of a small, little-known boarding school.


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