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Re: Muggle Quidditch 2.0?!

Hey guys. Sorry I didn't make this more clear in my other post but I'm not completely against giving people the URL. I would just rather do so in a PM as I know people who wouldn't want to stumble across it when they were just looking for help when they got stuck on one clue.

Also, for those who are still trying: Each of the riddles gives a one word answer. The website does not need a www (but will work with it anyway). It is set out as 'riddle1''riddle2''riddle3'.com (if that makes sense). Only one of the responses to the riddles is a plural word (it's the third one).

For more info (or the url itself) please PM me or one of the others who has said to PM them. We're happy to help. I hope this has been more helpful.

And congrats to those who figured it out already. Has anybody done what they were told to do this month? Or is there more to it than the literal interpretation?

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