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Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)

This is a fanfic mixed with love and family trauma. This is my very first fanfic I have ever attempted to do, mainly because I don't like writing fanfics but enjoy reading them thoroughly, so please bear with me.

Disclaimer: I'm not JK Rowling, although I'd love to have as great a mind as she has.

Looking up at the enchanted ceiling taking in the wonderful constellations. There was Bellatrix, Andromeda and Sirius. I never once thought this castle could ever be unsafe. But here we are, all students from all four houses lying in the once five table-filled great hall, gazing up beyond the skies.

I remember the events of this evening so clearly that I would seriously doubt I would ever forget. James named it the “Black duel”. Even with two on our side and one on the opposition, we still struggled to fight her off.

“Go I said! This is not your fight to duel out!”

“The hell it’s not!” James exclaimed. “You’re our friend, we’re not gonna abandon you in your time of need.”

“You can’t say that you’re going to fight her all on your own. She’s too dangerous… she’s family.”

“She ceased to be family the day she and our “parents” disowned us.” A female voiced sending waves of panic through every cell in our body.

Sorry for this rather short first post, but please leave feedback it would be much appreciated

check out my fics: Beyond the skies and feedback here, Beyond Reach and feedback here, A Heart's Treasure - one shots and feedback here my sequel Forever Charmed and feedback here and my other next gen fic Setting the Example and feedback here check out these people's fics: celtmama , blue_rose, Beki14, IMissPadfoot, ASM , blue3ski, remusfan, sheilajsn, blood_river, Scamantha, Psyche3, marianna58, baseballblondie, scd, marauderfan, Melaszka, PotterLove07, Fury, Pollux_Black, styphon and USNAGator91. I'm THE Clown of IBP, KEBA, DWW + BLD.

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