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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)

Thank you to roach76, Blondie51760, blackgem, and IMissPadfoot for the feedback... I owe this to you. Thank you to all the guests out there who read this as well.
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At the mouth of the Great Hall, I was surprised to see Severus eating so early. He looked up to see me and looked as if he needed to talk. I smiled at him, only slightly but then was dragged by an impatient James. Whilst we ate, we talked a great deal about nothing and everything.

“What says you? Shall we see Padfoot?”

“Good idea! We haven’t really asked him how he’s feeling, but after the crucio and everything else, we haven’t really had a chance.”

“Yeah. That’s true. But we must see him, now of all times.”

My gaze kept drifting off to Severus. I could tell he wanted to talk to me. After the sorting in our sixth year, he came up to me and told me he was sorry for calling me mudblood the previous summer. I told him we could never become good friends like we were in the past, and that we could only be classmates. This upset him but we remained civil towards each other.

A frantic Peter came running into the great hall, dragging James out of the place. I don’t think he noticed me, but I’ve noticed that he hasn’t been around much. I wonder what he’s up to. He’s hardly around the marauders as well. This is odd, something is up.

“Prongs! You need to come now.”

They left and suddenly Severus and I were the only two students in the room. I watched him as he stood and walk to the Gryffindor table. He came and sat opposite me.

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