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Re: Beyond the Skies (L/J Marauder era)

thank you so much to adam_12, roach76, blackgem, IMissPadfoot, HarryForGinny for feeding me, as well as blue_rose for attempting to do so also to my cousin who came here as a guest. I love uuu:

He held me tightly rocking me back and forth. He made shushing noises so I could calm down, rubbing my back soothingly. Once I stopped crying against his cheek, he let me go and inspected me closely. “That was the last straw for me. I was so madly in love with you for so long, I couldn’t handle it. It was so unbearable that I couldn’t handle you rejecting me one more time.”

“You sounded so rude when you rejected me though. You sounded like you hated me.”

“I thought you were mocking me! Do you think I would’ve believed you after the one thousand five hundred and eighty ninth time of rejection?” I fell silent. “Besides, do you think I could not love you whilst doing this?” he swayed my hips towards him and hugged me tightly. “Do you think I don’t love you when I do this?” he pushed me down on the bed and caressed me all over. “Do you really think that I don’t love you when we both this?” he whispered hotly in my ear just before kissing me on my lips. My mouth was already open, ready to protest… until his soft lips rubbed against mine. He was about to let his tongue enter mine, when mine pushed it out of the way. It felt good feeling his tongue under my own. I broke the kiss only to catch my breath.

“I-I think it would be advisable for us to go to lunch.”

I got up to leave, but he stopped me by the arm. Standing up beside me, he wound his arms to my behind and pulled me closer to him. He whispered into my ear once more.

“You are lunch enough for me.” I melted once more at the contact his whole body moulded into mine, becoming one, inseparable component.

“You have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

“I think I have some idea.” That was the last thing he said before lowering his lips onto my neck. It felt so good, but my stomach indicated that I was hungry. With that he stopped and we both went once more to the Great Hall.

I hope you guys liked it, feed me from my siggy

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