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Re: Regulus Arcturus Black: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
I guess we don't know how ministers come into power. I got the feeling the position was held for life unless someone was ousted.
This is from the Lexicon:
Cornelius Fudge was Minister for Magic from 1990 [Y10] through June of 1996 [Y16]. He was elected to the post in 1990 [Y10] after Millicent Bagnold retired. At first he "pelted Dumbledore with owls" (PS5) asking for advice, but over the years he began to consider Dumbledore more of a threat than anything.
The page of information about the position is here.
Originally Posted by wwb
It just seems strange that the purebloods thought that Voldy would be able to have someone legally ousted and then be asked to take the position of minister. But Voldy was an intelligent manipulator, so he likely came up with a strategy that sounded workable to his minions.
Regulus and the others in his position likely didn't know his specific strategy; however, they believed in his ideals and would have supported his efforts to position himself in such a way that he could seize power. The description above indicates that Fudge was worried that Dumbledore could seize power and take the position of Minister for Magic from him, which I also remember from the books, so it must be possible - after all, if anyone was in a position to know, it would be Fudge.


Not that he's important to the story or anything...

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