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Re: Regulus Arcturus Black: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Jessica View Post
You would kinda think the name Death Eater would be a tip off

I see Regulus as trying desperately to please his parents. Maybe because of Sirius' abandonment he felt it was on him, or maybe the family line just stuck with him and his sorting into Slytherin helped solidify it. I wonder if he changed his mind about the pureblood cause at the end or if he just changed his mind about Voldemort's methods.

I missed this post... That cracked me up.

Well as I said above, I don't think he changed his stance on the pure blood thing - although it is entirely possible he did (recognizing Kreacher's right as a sentient being to live and be happy). But I definitely think he found the methods Voldy used terrible and I really don't think he approved of killing humans either. I think he went along with it out of fear, but finally reached a point where he just couldn't deal anymore - Kreacher; the last straw event. That was my take on it.

Originally Posted by silver ink pot View Post
If you think about Umbridge, and the way she rose to power at Hogwarts, it makes a good analogy to a dictator rising to power in government. And after she paid her dues in OotP, she was given more power under the puppet government set up by Voldemort. She's horrible, too, but her "control" of the Muggleborns is more in line with what the Blacks probably thought would happen, and not the more horrible scenes we have with Voldemort.
Yes I think Umbridge is a good example - until she started in with the Muggle born Wizard persecutions. I think that sort of thing was beyond the ideas of the Blacks and similarly thinking purebloods as well. Voldy's reasoning was extremely tenuous imo - the muggleborns who couldn't prove they had a wizard parent had 'stolen' their magic - that is just bizarre thinking, imo.


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