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Re: Regulus Arcturus Black: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by wickedwickedboy View Post
When Voldy told Regulus to send Kreacher along, I am of the opinion that Regulus was wary, but willing to do so for the dark lord - perhaps of out of fear, but willing nonetheless. Regulus was wise enough to figure out the horocrux business based on the clue dropped by Voldy, so it stands to reason he was a fairly sharp lad. Thus he would suspect that whatever Voldemort wanted Kreacher for, it wouldn't be a pretty business - he knew Voldy held elves and half breeds and the like in low regard. It would be like asking Regulus to send along a muggle. Regulus would not expect the person to have a nice time of it and possibly even die. That is why I don't think Kreacher's experience came as a surprise to him - rather just an expected atrocity.
If that was true, why would Regulus agree to let Voldemort take Kreacher in the first place? It seems that, if he was willing to die, either for Kreacher or because he didn't like Voldemort's methods, he'd never have let Kreacher go at all. If he was willing to die based on that principle after the fact, why not before? It doesn't make sense to me. So, I would think that Regulus didn't think of Voldemort as so depraved until he'd used Kreacher in the manner he did - until it hit close to home for him.
Originally Posted by wwb
While one could speculate that Regulus died on behalf of Kreacher, it is also reasonable to assume that Regulus realized he was a dead man walking in any case and there was no need for them to both die, imo. So he made the logical decision to drink of the poison sea and spare Kreacher. That is my take on it.
Yes, I agree with that. However, Regulus knew ahead of time that he was never going to leave that cave, but he went there anyway to avenge Kreacher. So, by that reasoning, he died on behalf of Kreacher, as well.


Not that he's important to the story or anything...

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