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Harry Potter Studio Tour - Pre-launch review

Hi peeps,

As most of you know, the new Harry Potter Studio Tour experience opens this weekend! (Saturday 31st March 2012)

Myself and Jo were fortunate enough to get a sneak peak last weekend and so I thought I'd share some teaser info for those of you who are going / thinking of going, but haven't decided yet.

Note: I'm going to try to keep this a spoiler free post, BUT if you're planning on going and don't know anything about it from all of the recent PR / don't want to know anything in advance, etc, then you may want to look away now!

OK, I have a slight confession to make up front. Jo & I were fortunate enough to visit the sets when the last 2 films were being filmed and I was absolutely blown away by the experience.

This was before the Studio tour had been announced (If I recall correctly, rumours were just starting at the time about WB aquiring the site), and I remember thinking just how fortunate we were, but also feeling a slight frustration/guilt that not everyone could experience it.

Then, later, the rumours continued to grow until eventually, the Studio Tour was officially announced. It was great news, and yet (this is where my confession comes in), I was a bit concerned. I couldn't help thinking back to our visit.....

There was so much going on; the sets were huge and the attention to detail was amazing; There were so many sets, each seamingly with an endless amount of props, artwork, special effects, etc.... and that was just on 1 sound stage.... and there were something like 8 soundstages!

..... and our experience was just of 1 day..... 1 day in 10 years of work!

So hopefully you can see my concern. Even with all of WB's skill & knowledge, how on earth could they fit all of this into 1 event?! After all - we are taking 10 years of work & Everyone has different things they love from the films.

How on earth could they put something together that didn't leave die-hard fans disappointed. How on earth could you get up close to the objects to see the wonderful attention to detail, and yet not have everything hidden away in cabinets so that it wouldn't get damaged.

Well.... I needn't have worried. The team behind this have absolutely nailed it!

They've got the balance perfect, and whilst it's obviously an experience aimed at Harry Potter fans, it would actually be something of interest to anyone interested in films in general, as they've got literally thousands of items throughout the experience ranging from props, costumes, sets, art, models, greenscreen, creature effects, etc.

Everywhere you look there are new things to discover. It's one of those experiences where each time you go you're likely to discover something you didn't spot before.

The other thing which I particularly loved is that it's very much about the people behind the Harry Potter films.

In fact, I got a definate sense that the creators had almost tried to avoid talking about the film itself (i.e. as a finished piece) directly.

As a result, I think it's a beautifully created tribute to all of the 4,000+ crew members who worked on the films (and all of the thousands of unnamed crew too!)

There are also some great surprises and experiences along the way (but I won't spoil them for you so you'll have to wait and discover those for yourselves!)

OK, one small surprise - you can even try a Butterbeer!

Here are a couple of teaser pics. I took over 500+ (and I'm going to have to take some more when we go back next weekend as my 2 x batteries died! lol), so here are just a couple of teasers which hopefully don't give away anything that hasn't already been shown via their PR

teaser pics:    


View the sets:

Props & artwork:

Creature Effects:

Costumes (about time I had a photo of me with the real Voldemort robes! ):

Set Decoration & Visual Effects:

And last, but by no means least - their Huge Hogwarts scale model:

- That pic doesn't do it justice by a long shot. It really is quite stunning and it takes you a while to comprehend just how big and detailed it is!

So if you're going.... you are going to love it!!!
... and if you're "thinking" of going, I can honestly say I wouldn't hesitate to go again (in fact, we are going again in a few days as we're taking our girls!) as it's worth every penny.... and that's not something I say often!

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