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Re: Re-cast the movies!

Originally Posted by snapes_witch View Post
OK! In that case my fantasy location for Hogwarts is the Smoky Mountains.
It's your fantasy remake, you can set the castle anywhere you want. That's my point.

Originally Posted by yorkiedoodle View Post
I am inclined to agree - as a Brit I find it very hard to think of any non-Brit's in a main role in HP.(with the exception of Kingsley... of course..)
The whole point of recasting the movies to me, though, is finding the ideal actor to play the role regardless of nation of origin, whether they're Irish, Canadian, American, South African, Australian... I don't think that's anything to fuss about, personally. This is never going to happen in real life so why get so riled up about an American playing a leading role in the HP series? I didn't hear anyone complaining when Sam Worthington, an Aussie, was playing the lead role of an American soldier in Avatar. Or when Guy Pearce, also an Aussie, was playing King Edward VIII in The King's Speech. Or when Johnny Depp, an American, was playing an English pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean. And these were actors who were actually cast in actual movies. We're talking about casting actors in a completely make believe remake of the HP series. Why arbitrarily limit yourself to such a small pool of actors?

Also, from the words of the person who started the thread (Peakes):
Originally Posted by mrfutterman View Post
The author insisted on an all British cast.
Originally Posted by Peakes View Post
You're right, she did - and I do tend to agree that she was right.

However, if a remake of the series were ever to go ahead, I think that finding an all-British cast that hasn't been used already would be extremely difficult.

As this is a theoretical exercise, I am not applying any such restriction in this thread. I think the most interesting aspect of this discussion is what parts might be thought appropriate for overseas actors.
(my underlining)
This thread was never intended to be a British-only recast. If that's a restriction you want to impose on yourself than go ahead, whatever floats your boat, but please don't impose that restriction on everyone else.

Originally Posted by Peakes View Post
However, for further consideration in the role, I submit: Mads Mikkelsen

He wouldn't make a bad Lupin either ...
What an interesting guy! I see him more in a Snape role and less in a Lupin role, he's got a great mysterious quality to his looks that I think would be great for Snape.

Originally Posted by Pearl_Took View Post
Yeah, but it's a British setting. So in this fantasy scenario your any-nationality fantasy cast would be able to do a decent British accent ... right?
My fantasy cast is primarily based on looks (which actor I think has the right "look" to be that character) and not so much on acting ability (as I have made an argument for Steve Buscemi as Mad Eye Moody) but yes, in my fantasty recast the actors would play the role with the perfect accents, the perfect read on all the lines, the perfect physicality, the perfect make up, the perfect wardrobe, etc.

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