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Re: Best and Worst Chemistry in the HP Series

The Best:

The Trio - The series would have never worked for me without the chemistry between Dan, Rupert and Emma. I also thought Dan had a good chemistry with either Rupert or Emma. And the latter two played off each other very well.

Michael Gambon and Maggie Smith - Although I liked the chemistry between Ms. Smith and Richard Harris, I really enjoyed her chemistry with Gambon.

Daniel Radcliffe and Gary Oldman/David Thewlis - I thought Dan really sizzled with both Oldman and Thewlis, especially in "PoA".

Daniel Radcliffe and Evanna Lynch -I've been impressed by the chemistry between the pair, ever since Ms. Lynch joined the franchise in "OotP".

Alfred Enoch and Devon Murray - From the beginning, these two struck a nice balance as the two friends, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan.

The Worst:

Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright - I hate to say this, but the pair did not exactly sizzle as Harry and Ginny. Their only screen kiss pretty much proved this. Pity.

Domhnall Gleeson and Clémence Poésy - Sorry to say that this pairing for Bill and Fleur failed to rock my boat.

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