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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Canon Hermione's skin color and ethnicity have never been specified (as JKR herself pointed out), so to say that Noma is a black actress playing a white character is false.

Because The Cursed Child itself is explicitly Canon, the casting of Noma in the Hermione role, JKR's endorsement of that, and the fact that the character was never Canonically identified as Caucasian have created a scenario wherein JKR could easily use Pottermore and other Canonical sources to reference any specific traits that Noma brings to the role that are inherent to her ethnicity, thereby enshrining said traits in Canon and in turn enshrining Hermione as a non-Caucasian character in Canon without JKR explicitly having to make a declaration that the character was never Canonically Caucasian in the first place.

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