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Re: Have any Slytherins ever been trustworthy?

Originally Posted by rigdoctorbri View Post
Though, I would like to point to part of the Sorting Hat's song about how the Slytherins will "use any means to achieve their ends." Doesn't this song suggest that in general, when it comes down to doing what is right or what is in their own best interests, that a Slytherin will chose to do what is in his or her own best interests? Is that the mark of a trustworthy person?
Actually, I think the hat was referring to the "determined" aspect of the Slytherin, in reference to the quoted portion. And yes, such a quality would be present in a trustworthy person.

But as far as the Slytherin preferring to look out for their own best interests, then to steal a term from Television Without Pity, that's what they call in Survivor "game trust". And while such a form of "trust" might not be useful from a moral standpoint, it would be from a practical one, since such a person would reliable and predictable.

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