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Re: Have any Slytherins ever been trustworthy?

I always saw JK Rowling stereotyping Slytherins from Harry Potter's point of view, as her primary message in the books was anti-discrimination, so people would see them through a bad light and then realize how wrong they were - one of the reasons I prefer representing the Slytherin house, to point out to people they're just as discriminatory as the people they feel would discriminate against them.

She could have done that with individuals from all four houses at Hogswarts, instead of focusing upon one particular group of characters as bigots. We all know from the human experience that one does not have to be a white male Christian in order to be a bigot. I have come across bigots from various backgrounds. So why characterize one particular group - namely many of the present and past students from Slytherin - as being bigots?

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