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I've made a thread "Feedback for "Snively" by allegro" in upper part of this section. Comments are very welcome!


Lily didn’t want to go straight to the Griffindors that evening. She was feeling numb, happy, ashamed, wonderful, unhappy and confused altogether.
“I think I’m crazy”, she thought, walking slowly in the snow and breathing in the cold, fresh winter air. “Am I behaving like a mommy who likes taking care of her child? Or am I wanting something more?”, her confusion was growing bigger and bigger with every minute. “Almost every man on this earth has something good in him”, she continued thinking, “Even Severus. I see it, I can’t deny it. James and Sirius have some good in them too. Everyone has. Everyone except Voldemort and his cronies”.
She came near the stream and noticed that her footsteps aren’t the only ones left in the snow. Then she heard a quiet conversation. She turned left and continued walking: the more closer she was to the talking students, the more clearly she heard their conversation:
“... there’s nothing Filch couldn’t notice with the bloody cat of his, so be more careful next time, Padfoot or he’ll take the map for ever!”, Lily recognized James’s voice.
“I was trying, but how could I know Mrs Norris was there?! This cat moves without any single sound! How come the cat behaves like a person??? She’s so old, she should be already dead!”
“You shouldn’t have gone to the restricted section when it hadn’t been dark yet”, Remus Lupin suggested quietly, “If Filch had noticed the map and had taken it... just think! It would be the end of all your help!”
Lily stopped and stood behind the tall tree. She felt interested what the boys were planning to do: she was a prefect, so she was obliged to look after other students. Besides, she was simply curious what the four boys do together in their free time.
“Look who’s going out there!”, Peter said suddenly, “Snape!”
“Fine”, James answered and yelled, “Hey, Sev! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in your Slytherin dormitory covered by your Dark Arts books?”
Snape stopped quickly, his hand searching for his wand in the right pocket of his robes.
“Do you really expect I’ll tell you why I’m here?”, he barked, “You must be kidding. But you know - somehow it isn’t funny. Not at all, Potty-head”.
“Oh, get lost or better fly away”, Potter shouted, “Oh, I’ve forgotten... You can’t fly, Snivellus... not at all...”
Severus threw out the black schoolbag which he was holding in his hands and quickly took out the bottle of a potion, talking slowly and maliciously: “Do you know what it is, Potter? It’s an Inflating Potion. Don’t force me to pour it into your drink one day. You’d become more conceited than you’re now and do you know what it means? You wouldn’t be able to sit on your broom no more, the jerk as you undoubtedly are”.
Sirius had aimed his wand at Snape before Severus could manage to take out his and cried: “Repeat how you named James”.
There was a moment of silence. Lupin and Pettigrew apparently seemed not to say a word.
“Why, yes, of course I’ll repeat it. You’re a unbelievable jerk, Potter!” and he took out his wand out of his pocket, but before he aimed it at them, Lily heard: “Expelliarmus!” and Wormtail’s laughter: “I knew you won’t let him to hex you, Prongs!”
“I can still do it without a wand”, spat Snape, “I’m warning you, don’t force me...”
“And what can you do without your wand, Snivelly? To scratch yourself on your greasy head?”, Sirius laughed loudly.
Lily panicked. She knew that Snape knew more Dark Magic than the Griffindor boys. It was the highest time to intervene.
“Stop it!”, she stepped forward, “Stop it right now!”
She looked at them: all five boys were standing stiff like statues, their mouth wide open.
“Evans”, James spoke, shocked, “What are you doing here?!”
“I’m watching you and I don’t like what I’ve just seen”, she replied, “Why did you-“, she aimed her finger at the Marauders, “call him for? Searching for a bit of provocation?”
“That’s why I like her”, James grinned, “Evans, Snape is following us continually, I think you should know this”.
“He calls us names and hexes us too, Evans”, Sirius answered defensively, “It’s just maybe you haven’t noticed this, you Prefect Perfect you undoubtedly are”.
“Yes, I do”, Snape replied proudly, his lips curled in a smirk, a curtain of his black greasy hair on his face, “You four deserve every single swear and hex I’ve managed to-“
“You haven’t managed that much”, James paused Snape’s talking quickly.
Lily was looking a little confused for a while and then said categorically:
“I don’t understand you lot. I wish I didn’t break your enchanting conversation. Go, swear, hex, fight, do what you want, you may even add yourself a few heads and limbs if it makes you happy, but it would be far better for everybody if you conjured yourself more brains. Good-bye”, she turned around and started going towards the castle.
“Evans!”, shouted Potter, “Hey, Evans! Wait! Let me explain...’
“I don’t think she’ll listen to you, mate”, Sirius said, shrugging, “She isn’t turning back”.
James said nothing but looked less self-confident than usual. Severus moved forward and walked towards the Forbidden Forest, the wand still at the ready in his hand.
“Right. RIGHT! Don’t look at me like this!”, James pointed his finger at Remus, “Snivellus is a bloody dung, he’s a half Death Eater already, isn’t he?!”
Peter giggled, but Lupin said deliberately: “Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. I think you hate Snape because of more reasons than the Dark Arts and you hate him even more lately”.

When Lily came into the Griffindor common room, it was full of people as always. She sat near the fireplace and her two friends surrounded her at once.
“How’s the lesson with Snivelly?”, Terra asked curiously, “And why are you looking so pale?’
“It’s all the vampire Snape’s fault”, Angela giggled.
“I’ve got a headache”, Lily replied and noticed that Angela opened her mouth, “No, don’t suggest me going to Mrs Healing, I’ll be fine”, she sighed. In fact, Angela was gladly drinking many remedial potions when offered by Mrs Healing: she was visiting the hospital wing far too often for her real needs.
“OK”, Angela was sulky, “So I won’t tell you what I saw ten minutes ago on the sixth floor... If you think I’m exaggerating – “
“Angie, don’t sulk, just tell us”, Terra grinned, Or I’m taking you all to practise these new charms for Flitwick...”
“Oh, the test!” Angela squealed, “OK, I’ll tell you then”, she decided, smiling, “She was snogging Rodolphus Lestrange in the end of the corridor”.
“And what happened that she suddenly...”, Lily started.
“... Started snogging Rodolphus?”, Terra finished, “I’ve got an idea... Maybe your Felix Felicis potion?”

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