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Re: The Death Eaters: Group Character Analysis

1. I think that Voldemort is good at manipulating people's weaknesses and vanities. Sure, there are lots of people who believe in pureblood supremacy; LV probably approached these sorts and told them that not only were they right to think that but special. And that, I think, was a pretty major attraction, that LV formed this "special" circle of "special" people...huh, I sound like I'm talking about special-ed...what I mean is, I think people in general are attracted to special, elite circles, no matter what kind they are. Like sororities and fraternities in college or in-crowds in middle or high school...or cheerleaders, I guess, might count. Being in groups that very few people are allowed into makes people feel like they are part of a better element, and they can satisfy both their need to belong and their need to be special at the same time if they're in such a group. So, I think purebloods were probably attracted by the ideology and and both purebloods and half-bloods were attracted by the "group" thing. (I hope this is all clear, I feel like I'm jumping around a bit) As to why they all stay in despite LV's cruelty toward them, it's fear, yes, but also, I think a desire to stay in the group, be one of the "cool people". Like Cady says in Mean Girls "The meaner Regina was to her, the more Gretchen tried to win Regina back. She knew it was better to be in the Plastics hating life than to not be in at all." Not a great movie, but I think the principle in the quote could apply to the DEs.

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