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Re: Kingdom Of Magic [AU - Crossover with Hime-chan's Ribbon]

Ribbon and Stone
Chapter 1 - The Incident At The Zoo
Harry Potter could not remember having a better day than he was having today. Dudley's birthday usually meant being cooped up in Mrs. Figg's house, looking at pictures of cats, eating stale chocolate, getting paid to clean house (five pounds for cleaning the litter box, ten for the dishes). Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he shouldn't be happy that the old woman had broken her leg, but had she not, he wouldn't be sitting here eating a lemon-flavored Shaved Ice Pop at Aunt Petunia's expense.

That was when he first heard it.

"But Sei, I don't want to do that."

"I get that, but I'm going to be leaving for Hogwarts soon, and I won't get to see you anymore."

Harry looked around, and thought he saw a yellow-haired boy talking to a snake. Carrying his Shaved Ice with him, Harry cautiously approached the boy and the snake. He'd never told his aunt and uncle, but he'd been talking with the snakes in the garden whenever Petunia made him do the weeding.

"I asked the zookeeper, and he's happy to have a python like you." The yellow-haired boy noticed the snake lean back, then turned around. "Er, hello, this isn't what-"

"I can do it too." Harry said, before the yellow-haired boy could lie. "Talk to snakes, I mean."

The yellow-haired boy sighed in relief, looked around, then dropped his voice low. "You're a wizard, too?"

"Wizards don't exist, at least that's what Uncle Vernon says."

"Only wizards can talk to snakes, and even then it's rare. I'm Sei Arei."

"Harry Potter."

The boy's eyes widened. "HARRY POTTER!" Sei yelled loudly. "I can't believe I get to meet Harry Potter! This is... wow, I never thought... and here you are... Wait until I tell Fred and George!"

At this, Petunia noticed a not-quite-blond boy hissing at Harry. "Oh, damn. Harry, leave that poor boy alone, he's not right in the head."

Harry looked at his aunt. "Why can't he believe that he got to meet me?"

Petunia glared at Harry. "Don't make things up, he was hissing at you like a madman."

Sei looked from Harry to Petunia. "I'm not hissing like a madman, I'm speaking in Parsel."

"He's speaking in parsley."

"Speaking in parsley." repeated Petunia. "Right, Vernon was right, bringing you was not a good idea. You're staying right next to me until we get you back to your Closet, boy."

"What does she mean, 'your closet'?"

"I sleep in the cupboard under the stairs."

"Stop hissing at him, boy, people are staring..." Nervously, Petunia led Harry back to the car.
Later in the day, Sei was standing next to the snake tank when Problem and Danger... erm, Piers and Dudley came blundering by, accompanied by Vernon Dursley, Petunia, and Harry. Sei winked at Harry, then turned back to the snake tank.

"He's not doing much of anything, is he?" Dudley asked after a minute of watching the sleeping snake.

"Tap on the glass!" Piers whined. Tap, tap. Still nothing.

Sei's hand dropped into his pocket. "Harry, over here!" With that hiss, Harry started towards Sei.

"Hiya Sei! This is my uncle and aunt and cousin and... and my cousin's friend Piers." Harry finished lamely. Dudley's mouth dropped. Harry had a friend?

Petunia, Vernon, and Piers were staring in shock. The two boys, Harry and the yellow-haired boy, were hissing at each other, but smiling all the same. It was almost as though they could understand each other.

Dudley, tired of being ignored, pushed his way into the boys. "Hello, I'm Dudley Dursley, Harry's cousin."

Before any of the boys could react, Vernon had grabbed Dudley, and Petunia had grabbed Harry. "Enough of that. We're going home, that boy's insanity is catching. I'll not have my son hissing like a maniac!"

Sei stood sadly by the snake tank. "Hey, was that other boy talking in Parsel?"

"I believe so. Is it entirely impossible for a muggle to speak Parsel?"

"I guess that'll be something worth looking in to when I get to Hogwarts."

"Can't you take me with you?"

"The letter said I-"

"I read the letter, but can't you get special permission?"
"Dudley, why were you and Harry hissing at that boy?" Piers asked quietly on the way home.

"Hissing? We were just talking regularly. Like we are now." Dudley looked even more confused than usual, which Harry thought was an accomplishment.

"Dudley, you were hissing and spitting at the boy. If he hadn't started it, I'd say you were trying to pick a fight."

Dudley turned to Harry. "Harry, wasn't I talking normal?"

"We all were, I think."

Petunia had to bite her tongue to keep herself from saying it. Unfortunately, Vernon had no such restraint. "Dudley, are you sure asking Harry if you were being normal is a good idea? He's as abnormal as they get, remember?"

Unknown to the car, they were being followed by an eagle owl. It had taken Sei less than a minute to find Bill Weasley, who passed the message along to the other Weasleys that Harry Potter slept in a cupboard under the stairs. Conveniently, Dumbledore was there, and he very quickly penned a howler to the Dursleys, which had almost beaten them home.

The red envelope sat on the welcome mat. Piers picked it up and, seeing that it was addressed to "The Dursleys, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey", handed it to Dudley, who opened it.

The voice that filled the house was at once angry and sad. "YOU CANNOT STAMP MAGIC IN OR OUT THROUGH ABUSE!"

Everyone looked at the envelope in Dudley's hand. Vernon and Petunia were terrified. Not only had the sender of the note known that they were abusing Harry in order to stop him from being a wizard, but now Harry, Dudley, and Piers knew that Harry had magic.

While the Dursleys were no kinder to him in words and voice, and while Dudley threw a fit about it at first, Harry now at least had a bedroom and a proper bed to sleep on, as opposed to a cupboard and a folded up blanket.

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