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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Hi all, Happy Halloween!

I'm answering this again. I want to see how much my view has changed over time. And so for what it's worth, here goes.

After reading DH, to what extent do you think is Snape responsible for what happened to the Potters?

I guess he's very much responsible to the extent he took a Prophecy to old Voldy, knowing it would result in the death of a child and it's parents. He was pretty much responsible at that point for that. But the question was, not whether Snape was responsible for taking such a Prophecy to Voldemort knowing or at least guessing with a fair amount of accuracy about what would happen next; it was whether Snape was responsible for what happened to the Potters.

Maybe it's a fine line, but I would go on a limb and say no, Snape was not responsible about what happened to the Potters. Because by the time it came to the Potters as it were, much could have been done, to ensure their safety.

That it was not done, is IMO not Snape's fault.

If it weren't for Snape, would the Prophecy have never reached Voldemort? My feelings about this is why I think Snape was not responsible to what happened to the Potters. I think, Dumbledore would have ensured Voldemort got a hint of this and then events would have played out, similarly or differently, I don't know, interesting though it is to think about - but that Voldemort would have somehow come to know about this I'm certain. Why?

Because, Dumbledore, sent off Snape knowing he'd heard some of the Prophecy, knowing what Voldemort was capable of doing. That point makes what happened to the Potters not Snape's fault IMO.

Do you think Snape's character development arc is complete?

I don't know. Sometimes I feel yes, the ambiguity about him makes him more exciting, more controversial. Being shrouded in secrecy does make him more interesting and almost everything about him can be assessed in different ways. On the other hand that very ambiguity, that wonderful shade of grey has created a sharp divide about him, which after his contributions to the WW and to Harry particularly is sad IMO. Having said this, I don't know if I've answered this question properly.

[*]To what extent are Snape's parents to blame for his later choices and to what extent are they his own responsibility?

They are responsible in the sense that, while young they created an environment that created and formed perceptions which probably continued into his adult life. But as an adult, I guess Snape takes the praise or blame for any act of his.

The rest later.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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