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Re: Wonderbook: Harry Potter Book of Spells Game

Originally Posted by Wab View Post
Given that you said the game would interface with Pottermore and "let the fans see what true immersion into the world of Harry Potter is really all about", I thought it a fair assumption.
You are right, that was a fair assumption. I just felt the manner in which you replied was condescending. I apologize for my comments regarding your comment.

But, I never actually said game either to be honest. Immersive user interfaces can apply to specific games, but don't have to be tied directly to one brand or genre of games. I would think that folks here would be happy to hear that someone is thinking about and trying to build something that allows for a better and more immersive experience with Pottermore/HP games without having to buy a PS3 or XBox 360 (and associated cameras and other HW). :-)

And I am not really trying to run any "schemes". If my proof-of-concept works out, I would try to work with a marketing company to get a pitch to the Pottermore folks (as a first application of the concept product...I have other applications in mind as well) or to Sony. If interested, Pottermore or Sony would buy rights to license the concept product, put it into production and sell it themselves. I am not saying that I would produce something to replace what Sony is developing. If what I am working on is as good as I think it is, rights to license it could easily be snapped up by Pottermore or Sony. That really isn't running a "scheme". That happens all the time in business. Not all great ideas are sourced from big companies. Many times small companies or LLCs are bought out just to get the rights to the concepts or products the smaller organizations have developed. That's just seems like the free markets working the way they should.


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