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Re: Wonderbook: Harry Potter Book of Spells Game

Okay, so first off, perhaps I've gotten the wrong idea from the embedded video. I'm pretty sure there talking about something you couldn't do on a tablet or a standard computer (yet). This seems like some interesting augmented reality stuff to me that relies heavily on the Playstation Move and Eye hardware and their integration into Playstation hardware and software. Let me do some research on that...yep that seems to be what this is: PlayStation’s Wonderbook Makes Rowling’s ‘Book of Spells’ Magical (HANDS-ON).

Seems pretty cool to me.

In terms of whether or not this is a good idea for Sony, the court is out on whether augmented reality is ready for prime-time. But, if they do it well, this could be one of the first mainstream successes for this sort of thing. The HP Wonderbook seems to be a pilot of sorts and they are planning on using this system for other interactive book experiences (presumably depending on the success of "Book of Spells".

I also hope that things go well for HeadmasterAPWBD (and that they go smoothly/quickly and that you are able to get those patents on the books and share your work or at least a more detailed account of your ideas*).

Also, a prediction: the "new content" they speak of will be identical to information revealed/to-be-revealed on Pottermore.

*{GEEK OUT WARNING} I really hope this involves something along the lines of an HTML5 Canvas element interacting with/processing data from a webcam.


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