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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

I get the movies, but then I feel that at times it is so much harder to follow knowing what happens in the book, because then I catch myself saying, "How could they have left that out of the movie?" Or "How could they have done that instead of what happens in the book?" The movies are awesome and I love them. The books are beyond amazing and I love them as well. I think we have to remember that books and movies are always going to be different and they have never been and will never be exactly like the book. Movies are a beautiful form of art that sometimes you just have to sit back and just take it in. Sometimes I wish that I could erase the books from my mind and just watch the movies without always questioning and judging them. It would be cool to see if I could really follow along with the whole story not knowing the ENTIRE, REAL story that you get when you read the books. I agree that there are certain things in the movies that I wish wouldn't have been left out, but then its a movie and its only allotted so much time that it would be absolutely impossible for everything to be included in the film. We just have to appreciate the films for what they are and be thankful that for many people who have seen the HP movies it hasn't been enough so they turn to the books because they enjoyed the movies so much. People have realized that for the real effect of what the story is and to really appreciate how amazing it is the books are the only thing that do it justice. Thanks Warner Bros. for the Awesome HP MOVIES!!!

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