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Hey guys!
This is a working title and the first chapter of my first fanfiction. I've never thought I can be so crazy to write this sort of stuff!!! read and say how you liked it, please

„I have no idea how you make these excellent potions, Evans!”, said James Potter, looking admirably at Lily first, then at the violet potion she had just made, “You’re brilliant! Brilliant and pretty... come on, go out with me”.
“No way”, Lily answered impatiently, stirring the potion in her cauldron, “Forget it!”
“Why?”, asked James impatiently, “Why do you always refuse? Why do you think that I’m worse than other boys? What have I done wrong?”
“If you don’t understand this, that’s your problem”, Lily said, “And now forgive me and shut up, will you? I’ve just stirred it one time too much”.
“Still it’s the best potion in the whole class, Miss Evans!”, Horace Slughorn said, dwelling with pride, “Lily! You make the greatest potions even when you make mistakes! What an unbelievable potion-maker you are! It’s a very, very good Sleep Potion indeed!”, he was talking while checking other students’ potions.
“Oh, here we have the potion which is almost as good as yours. Severus, you did well, boy! I’d add a little bit more of wormwood here, but well done, Severus, well done! Also Sirius made a satisfactory one. The rest of you must improve. I suggest writing an essay with pointing out all mistakes you’ve made and please give me the corked bottles with your potions now!”, Slughorn ordered. “The lesson’s over, but you three, Evans, Snape and Black stay, I have something to tell you”.
Students were going out of the dungeons quickly: they were hungry, rushing off for dinner. Lily left her cauldron and went straight to the Slughorn’s desk. Sirius Black and Severus Snape joined slowly. It was widely known that they hated each other. Sirius was in the Griffindor house like Lily, but Severus was a Slytherin. Griffindors hated Slytherins as they thought that the Slytherins aren’t honest and always think how to win, no matter what the costs are. Lily knew that James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew- a bunch of good friends- were often hexing Severus, and he was trying to pay them off: Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. It was too difficult for poor Snivellus -as the boys called him- to win, because there were four of them and Snivellus was one. Almost every student at school thought that it was a strange boy, this Severus.. James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, who were hanging out together, were popular and adored. Girls often fancied both of them. Nothing strange: they were both handsome and popular.
“The three of you made the best potions”, the teacher said. “I think that I can make a contest between you three, you’re my favourite students in the fifth year, oh yes, you are! You’re brilliant! I guess that you can agree to make a potion you haven’t made yet, can’t you? And there will be a prize for you, of course!”
Lily glanced at Sirius, who looked quite interested and smiled at her. Then she looked at Severus, who seemed to be very interested and animated. He was looking straight at his teacher.
“What kind of potion will it be?”, asked, and then looked provocatively at Lily as if he was sure that she’ll be the one who will have to take the challenge. He omitted Sirius as if he didn’t exist.
“And what can we expect the prize to be, I wonder”, said Sirius lazily, as if he didn’t care.
“I usually give my best students a Felix Felicis potion for their personal use”, Slughorn responded, “But they have to be six-years. As I didn’t have anybody in my six-year’s classes who would be as talented as you three, I decided that you’ll get the chance. Do you know what the Felix Felicis potion is?”- he asked.
“It’s a potion who makes you lucky and it takes six months to brew, it’s incredibly hard to make it”, Severus responded quickly and glanced at Sirius, who seemed to be bored still, and continued “You need many ingredients. It also can make you an addict and if you drink too much of it, it can cause a serious damage to your brain”.
“Great, Severus!”, Horace clapped his chubby hands, “Lily, haven’t you known about this?”
“No, Professor”, Lily blushed.
“But you’re such an excellent potion-maker - “
“If you say so, Professor...”, Lily answered, “But I’m a Muggle-born, I can’t know everything that others know”.
“A sharp answer, Evans, and clever indeed. You’re right, I won’t argue, I won’t argue! So: brew the best Shrinking Potion you can do and bring it to me next Monday into my office. You know you’re invited to the party I’m preparing... There will be a Minister of Magic Transport and many other prominent people... I have to introduce you, you’re very, very talented, yes, you are! You may use the dungeon room to brew the potion. Now excuse me...”, Slughorn left the dungeon.
“Another piece of homework...”, Lily said, “Thank God the potion is quite easy to brew...”
“Speak for yourself”, Sirius sighed, “I’m not that excellent as he thinks, you’re a different case”.
“So we’ll have to do it here... I think I’ll do this potion on Sunday, I have plenty of Charms and Transfiguration to practise”- she said absent-mindedly. “The prize seems nice too”.
“Oh, I’d love to have this Felix potion!”, Sirius became more agitated, “Just think what I could do with Snivellus then!”, he added maliciously.
“Then I’ll do my best so that you wouldn’t get it”, Severus said and started going out of the dungeon.
“Maybe you’re a bit better than me in Potions but you can’t fight, Snivellus!” Sirius shouted and Snape looked back, looking furious.
“Oh yeah? How’s it like when you fight four on one, I wonder? Don’t force me to fight one on one with you, I’d suggest that”.
“Stop it!” Lily said angrily, but Snape had been already outside.
“OK, OK, I’m quiet... He just makes me furious... It’s something about him I can’t even tell”.
“And you’re making me furious, Sirius, judging a boy you don’t know well!”, Lily barked, cleaned her cauldron and went out of the classroom too.

She was so excited that she had a chance of winning this Felix Felicis that she couldn’t eat much. Her two best friends, Angela Burbank and Octavia Shacklebolt were surprised:
“I’ve heard about the Felix thingie”, Octavia informed her, “Slughorn gave this potion to this Rosier guy and you know what Rosier did? He’s so stupid... He drank the whole bottle at once, without thinking! If I were him, I’d keep it, you’ll never know what will happen...”
“Yeah, you’ll never know...”, Lily repeated, thinking about sudden disappearances of some people she knew. It had something to do with this Dark Wizard who called himself Lord Voldemort.
“I’ve heard that the guy who sells wands.... Olivier? Olavender? –“, started Angela.
“Olivander”, Lily helped her, “What about him?”
“He just disappeared... And they say that his shop was a mess. Wands lying everywhere. I don’t know... He looks a bit scary, isn’t he? I’ve always thought that he can be a Dark Wizard...”, Angela continued, but someone broke this conversation.
“He can be a Dark Wizard, you know. He could do this mess on purpose”, said James Potter, who was passing them by and apparently overhearing their conversation.
“Come on, James, you are too suspicious”, Lily answered angrily, “And you were overhearing!”
“I’m always interested what you’re talking about, Evans. I’d like to know what you’re thinking of, what you do, I’d like to know your dreams...”
“My dream for now is: go away! Don’t you know people hate when somebody overhears you?”
“Oh, I see that I’d better learn Legilimency to know your feelings well”, James answered with laughter, his eyes became sad, though.
“Legi- what?”, Lily asked, surprised.
“It’s a kind of reading minds”, James answered, “You know I would be able to learn this, Evans...”
“Oh, yes, you would... and now go away, please. I’ve got to talk to my friends”.
James went to the Griffindor table and sat in the middle of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, who was looking a bit unhealthy that day- his complexion became greyish and had this tired look.
“Why don’t you go out with James?”, asked Angela for a one thousand two hundred and fifth time, “If I were you...”
“But you aren’t”, Lily answered categorically, “I don’t know why you all are so in love with him. He’s such an arrogant jerk. Quidditch, only quidditch that counts the most. He thinks he’s such a shining star on his broomstick. He’s too arrogant, no, I can’t stand it”.
“I’d have a date with him if he was interested...”, Terra said dreamily, “Sirius is very good-looking too. Who would you date, Lily?”
“At this time nobody”, Lily sighed, “I’ve got other interesting things to do...”
“Attention, please!”- the sudden loud words broke students’ conversations, “The Headmaster wants to announce something very important”.
Everybody except few Slytherins were looking at Professor Albus Dumbledore. Silence was astounding.
“I won’t be bothering you by long talking. I just want you to know that people who call themselves the Death Eaters are still on the loose and are near Hogwarts at the moment. Unfortunately I can’t let you to go to Hogsmeade next week as it’s too dangerous. I hope you all can understand my decision. That’s all. Thank you”.
Suddenly the air was filled with surprised and disappointed whispers: “No Hogsmeade? No Hogsmeade?”, “Oh nooo! Where can I buy the sugar quill?”, “Nooo, it’s the only thing that keeps me alive, I’m half dead of studying!!!”
Lily became furious. Don’t they have enough brain to understand? She stood up and bellowed: “Are you all nuts?! What have you expected? They say they kill people-literally! They say that using the Unforgivable Curses isaseasyforthemaskillingafly!!!”, she linked the last words together, this fast her speech was. Everybody was silent and stunned. She looked around and felt stupid. James looked at her with his mouth open and showed her his thumb up. Rawenclaws and Hufflepuffs sat like numb.
She heard a quiet: “She’s right, people” which came from a Griffindor table. It was spoken by James Potter. She smiled at him and heard another comment: “Of course everybody has to know an opinion of a celebrity”. She looked back. It was Snape.
“Five points from Griffindor for shouting instead of saying your opinion in a normal voice”, Professor Mc Gonagall decided, “Also ten points for your understanding of the problem, Miss Evans, I think it’s a decent decision of mine”.
“An excellent one, Minerva”, Dumbledore nodded approvingly.
Lily looked around again. Slytherins were angry, commenting the decision in a very quiet voices. Amycus showed her his middle finger. Severus Snape was looking at her as if he was quite positively surprised, though. He had a faint smile on his face. She didn’t know why; everybody knew that he loved the Dark Arts, so he should be satisfied that people who like the same subject he did are around Hogwarts, but she thought that students can be wrong: gossips aren’t reliable source of information and she knew Severus better than they thought she did. He was her neighbour: when they weren’t studying at Hogwarts, they both lived in the street called “The Spinner’s End”.
Griffindors started clapping, but they were the only ones who did it. They felt proud of their head-girl. Students from the other houses were still a bit stunned at the idea of taking the favourite entertainment away from them.
When Lily was lying in her bed that night, she knew that she had to do her best to win the Felix Felicis. There were so many possibilities in which she could use that potion... Bad times were approaching quickly, she could feel it. Death was in the air.

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