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Unfortunately I see no comments But here I go with another part about our Lily, Marauders and Snape:


Time was passing by quickly and Sunday came faster than Lily could even think. Professor McGonagall, the head of the Griffindor house, was as harsh as ever or even more: she ordered the class to learn how to transfigure a cup into a butterfly properly till Monday and they had lots of trouble with it. In fact, Frank Longbottom made a big mess in the common room, when he tried to conjure the butterfly: he swished his wand so unfortunately while saying the incantation that he caused Alice to fly in the air for a minute or two. He didn’t make a butterfly of her, of course, but the Griffindors who were sitting in the room at that time were laughing so hard that all of them had their bellies aching. In fact, Frank was good in Transfiguration and Lily was amazed that he had caused such a disaster.
There wasn’t only Transfiguration... Professor Binns, who was as boring as ever, told them to write an six-inch essay on Goblins’ rebellions. The history of magic wasn’t Lily’s favourite subject, so she was bored and sleepy when she was writing. Angela and Terra were annoyed too.
“Do you know whom I’d like to date?”, Angela asked dreamily.
“Whom? Isn’t it that Barty dude? Don’t say you’ve changed your preferences again!”, Lily answered, laughing hard. She knew that Angela fancied boys all the time and there was a different boy each week.
“I’d like to go out with Rodolphus Lestrange”, she answered with her eyes closed and a rather stupid smile on her face.
“Are you kidding? He’s from Slytherin!”, Terra was apparently angry.
“So what?”, Lily and Angela answered both simultaneously.
“Why do you say so what?”, Terra said, looking sulky.
‘I don’t care that much about the houses”, Angela answered, “Rodolphus is handsome enough and he’s cute, he’s a smart and clever guy too. What’s the matter with you? Has he done something evil to you?”
Terra shook her head.
“So you see that you shouldn’t look at the house, that’s what the Sorting Hat said at the beginning of the school year anyway”, Lily said, “Besides, I can feel that not every single Slytherin is bad... There are horrible ones, of course, take this Amycus or Avery for example... Or some really stupid girls like Narcissa and Bellatrix, they think they are better ‘cause they are Pure Bloods, as if it was their merit!”, she said angrily, “You can’t say that someone is bad if you haven’t seen him being truly evil”.
“I guess you are right, Lily”, Terra answered and they continued writing.
“Hey, girls, have you heard about Snape?”, Frank joined their table, “The latest news?”
“No, we haven’t”, answered Lily, looking curious, “What happened?”
“Really? You haven’t? Too much studying for you, it seems. Everybody was laughing! Somebody must have added the Sleep Potion to old Sev’s drink, because he was sleeping so hard that he had no idea where he’d been or what had been done to him for hours. Then he was found by this little Regulus Black, you know who I mean... you know where? He was lying on the floor in the girls’ bathroom, dressed in girls’ clothes! Regulus tried to undress him, he brought the robes and everything but he didn’t have enough time. That Andromeda from Hufflepuff, you know her, Bellatrix and Hestia Jones came to the bathroom, and they almost burst from laugh! Can you imagine Snivellus wearing black girly pants, a red flowery bra and stockings?!”
“My God...”, Lily said shocked, “Again? That’s not fair...”
“Wait, wait...”, Angela was thinking loudly, “Did you say: a red flowery bra? I couldn’t find my bra yesterday!”
Girls stood up quickly. “Let’s check it!”, Terra said and they went straight to the girls’ dormitory. Terra put her right hand into the suitcase lying on the floor and started throwing everything out, “Of course! There’s no bra, there are no pants and stockings!”
“And I know who did it”, said Lily, and they three looked at one another shouting simultaneously: “Potter and Black!”
“Oh no, I’ve had enough of this!”, Lily burst with anger, “They always fight and fight and I’m sick of it! It’s just... sick, they are sick, to do something like that! I’ll talk to them!” she said furiously and went out of the room as fast as she could.
“There’s no chance of going out with Sirius then”, Terra said, sounding disappointed, “He won’t look at us anymore. Lily can be a real hell if she wants!”.

“Get up, Potter!”, Lily ordered, “I want to talk to you!”
“To me? Whenever you want, even at three o’ clock at night, Evans”, James answered, looking happily at the girl, “You’re always welcome. Where will we go? Hogwarts grounds, perhaps?”
“You’ll see”, she pulled the left sleeve of his robes, “Come on, now!!!’
“She’s cute, isn’t she? And how dominant she is, I like it”, James grinned, looking straight at the Marauders, as they were calling themselves: James, Sirius, Remus and Peter, “Don’t wait for me!”, waved at them and disappeared.
They went to the Griffindor common room. Lily dragged him to the centre of it and shouted: “Everybody, look at him!”
There were about eleven people in the room. They stopped talking and stared at Lily.
“What would our prefect Perfect like to shout out loud again?”, Sirius asked, grinning. He didn’t wait for James, nor did Remus and Peter. They stood behind Lily, listening with a visible interest.
“I want you to know that it was he who put a Sleeping Potion into Snape’s drink! Do you think it’s fair?!”
“How do you know it was me, Evans?”, James said, blushing, with his hand ruffling his black hair, “I thought we are to go out for a walk...”
“You thought wrong, then! I’m not blind, something clicked in my head! YOU STOLE A BIT OF MY POTION WHEN I WASN’T LOOKING AND POURED IT TO THE SEVERUS’S DRINK!”, Lily was red with rage.
“You may shout at me, you’re looking even prettier when you do this- if it’s possible to look prettier in your case- but it wasn’t me who did it”, James answered looking stupid, “It was Wormtail who nicked a bit when you went to sit in front of Slughorn. But I admit, we did it. We dressed Snivellus like a girl, did you like it?”, he asked the students with hope.
“He looked smashing”, Hestia giggled, “Like a transvestite”. Another giggle.
“Potter, are you and your friends that stupid that you can’t imagine how he could feel?”, Lily asked.
“Why don’t you ask what he did to us? It was he who blocked our tongues during Potions, I swear! Me and Sirius couldn’t speak for the rest of the lesson and for a part of another! We are to do additional homework because of it! It’s not fair too, is it?”
Lily hesitated, then said: “I don’t know why you hate each other so much”.
“Why?”, sighed James, “It’s hard to explain, you know. Do you like him? He’s a weirdo, always with his nose in the Dark Arts books”.
“Maybe he is. But you’re not better hexing him ten times a day and-”, Lily answered, shaking her head as her fringe fell into her eyes.
“Lily, you must know that Severus isn’t that saint either”, Remus Lupin interfered, “He can do such hexes and knows such incantations which can make you-“
“Remus, you’re a prefect. You know that you should’ve stopped Potter, then. I don’t understand why you didn’t do that. What you did was just... too cruel. Thank God that three girls only saw this!”
“Come on, Lily, let go”, Terra asked, glancing at Sirius so quickly, that it looked as if she had a wall-eye.
“Yeah, Lily”, Hestia joined, “The boys have to defend themselves! Snape isn’t all fun and games. You’ve told him what you think, let go”.
Lily thought for a while and then said: “Remember, James. If I see you doing such a humiliating thing again, I’ll report to McGonagall. Now leave us alone, the date is over. Go and join your mates. I’m sure you have interesting things to do, for example hexing somebody you can’t stand”.
“I could change for you if you wanted, you know this, Lily-“, James said quietly but she didn’t let him finish:
“You should change for yourself, not for me”, the girl said and left.
“Come on, James, tell us about Griffindor’s strategy in the next Quidditch match”, asked Augustus Pye, and James smiled, looking slightly happier. Soon the room was filled with excited talks about Slytherins and their Quidditch weaknesses.

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