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I feel a bit like writing only for myself...


Everybody in the room was surprised by Lily’s new look. Her curly hair lay very smart on her head: she looked as if she was a princess, that’s why the boys agreed she resembled. Despite many questions, she didn’t want to explain who did this to her.
“Only a golden crown to add and a throne”, Remus said and smiled, “Lily the Just. You look far better than English princesses, though.”
‘Remus, what happened again? I’ve heard that Sirius and James are doing their detention?”, she asked curiously.
“Don’t even ask. If you go furious again, I’ll...”, Peter Pettigrew joined to the conversation and opened his eyes the widest as he could, looking terrified.
“I’ll try not to, otherwise people will be laughing hard at me soon!”, Lily replied, amused, “So? What was it?”
“Snape made something strange with their chests. They looked as if they had breasts! When they took their wands out and aimed them at Snape, McGonagall emerged from the corridor... You can easily imagine what happened. And she’d suspected them of hexing this Popkins guy from Ravenclaw. When Mrs Healing finally cured his overgrown teeth, he told her who’d done it. They will be having this detention till next Saturday”.
“Densaugeo...”, Lily whispered and sighed falsely: “Poor boys”. She rolled her eyes and returned to doing her homework.

The next day after breakfast started with Divination. It was really excellent start because you could easily pretend that you predict the future and you could talk to your friends instead. Lily was talking to Terra and Angela about Snape.
“I talked to him, he seems not to be a half that evil as he’s being talked about”, Lily whispered, “I’m curious what he invented...”
“Yeah, you’re always interested in studying”, Terra replied, winking to her, “Ask him if he can make love potions. That will be great for me to put it into Sirius’s drink. I know he’d give back his mother for free if I promised him a glass of butterbeer”.
“I’ll see what I can do”, Lily said and the girls grinned. Professor Oracula or better “Lunatic”, as she was called among the students, came closer:
“What can you tell about the Mars connections with Saturn next week, girls?”, she asked, looking wild and distracted.
“It tells us that something dangerous and unpleasant can happen”, Angela answered quickly, “People can be in a mortal peril”.
“That’s right, Angie, that’s right!”, Oracula vel Lunatic was in extasy, “Beware! Fortunately, we still can omit it, learning how to predict the future and how to cope with dangers!”
Lessons passed quickly. Professor McGonagall praised Frank Longbottom’s transfiguration of a cup into a butterfly and ordered them practising how to transfigure a cup into a something more difficult: a gerbil. The whole classroom was filled with gerbils with handles of cups instead of ears or legs. James Potter was excellent in Transfiguration, so was Sirius. There wasn’t Remus sitting behind the desk between them: he was taken – as it was said- to the hospital wing immediately, but Lily knew that in fact he was taken to the Shrieking Shack: Lupin was a werewolf and there was a full moon, he may have hurt or even kill students. She knew this because Remus told her about it; in fact she liked him the most of the Griffidor boys, together with Frank Longbottom.
It wasn’t the first time for Lily to go to the Slughorn’s party. She was there many times before and she didn’t fully liked Horace Slughorn’s behaviour during these meetings. He used to concentrate the group of students he thought that they have either special talents or are well – connected because of their origin. She, Sirius and Severus were continually invited to the parties and the only good thing in it was that she could talk to some Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws she liked. She couldn’t refuse, Sirius either and only Severus was the one of the three of them who didn’t care and didn’t often come.
“Combing your pretty hair for Slughorn, my little one?’, Potter asked, passing her when she stood in the front of the mirror in the common room.
“You’d better comb yours, James, that’s what I’d advise you”, Lily grinned, pointing at the mess on the top of Potter’s head.
“Bad luck again, James”, Sirius said, “I don’t think she likes you”.
“I don’t like Quidditch players who behave as if they owned the whole world”, Lily replied, “Black, are you going with me? Come on, let’s go!” and they went out of the room.
Sirius showed her the bottle: “So tell me, my dear Potions mistress, what do you think about it?”
“Hmmm... the colour is a bit too yellowish, but I think it’s OK. I don’t want to try the potion on me, though”, she smiled, “It would be better if Slughorn tried it on himself, he’s too fat, it would be good for him to shrink his belly”, they grinned from ear to ear and entered the huge room in which Slughorn lived.
“Good evening!”, Slughorn emerged out of nowhere, “Here come our Potions stars... But where’s Severus? Let me introduce you and then we’ll compare your potions... Oh, here he is... Come on boy, don’t hide, don’t hide...I’ll introduce you to the Minister of Magic Transport, we have also few Aurors today...”, he lowered his voice, “It’s a great opportunity for you to know them, they may like you and remember you and I can say a word and you’ll be having work in the Ministry when you finish Hogwarts”.
“Thank you Professor, you’re so good to us”, Lily replied, “But I’m a Muggle- born and it can be hard to get a good job even if I’m not that bad at potions”.
“Oh, Lily, Lily”, Slughorn shook his chubby finger in front of her eyes, “You’re definitely underestimating yourself. Come on”.
They were introduced to five people working for the Ministry of Magic. It seemed that Lily made a big impression on them: pretty, red-haired, green-eyed nice girl, so did Sirius- a handsome black-haired, noble looking boy in expensive robes. Nobody seemed to be interested in Severus, who was dressed rather poor, his black school robes looked too worn out, his face without a smile. “He can’t pretend”, Lily thought, “He can’t look like as if he liked parties. I suppose he’d gladly go out and dug himself in his books”.
Slughorn clapped and said loudly:
“You know of course that I made the competition and chose these fifth-year-students to brew the best Shrinking Potion they can?”, he looked around happily, as a person born to be in the centre of attention, “They did it! We’ll try which one is the best. And the happy winner will receive a twelve hours lasting Felix Felicis potion! Use it well, it’s extremely hard to prepare! Give me your bottles and we’ll try it on a volunteer... Maybe you, Severus”.
Severus looked extremely angry but said nothing. “He can’t resist”, Lily thought, “He wasn’t at the party for the last three times. I’m glad it won’t be me”.
“Here I have Sirius Black’s potion”, Slughorn showed the bottle and poured a bit out on the tablespoon, “Severus, will you be so kind and-“
Snape swallowed the potion looking more furious as ever and became visibly much shorter. The room filed with laughter. Slughorn took a tape-measure from the pocket of his silver-green robes and used it saying: “Ninety centimetres, good, good, but it could be better. We’ll see. Augeo!”- pointed his wand at Severus who returned to his normal size and had a visible, ugly blush on his face.
“Now I’m taking Severus’s one”, Slughorn said and forced the table spoon into Snape’s mouth, “Great!”, he took the tape-measure and crouched, because Severus was as short as a dwarf. “Great indeed! Only 15 centimetres! Augeo! And the last one, Lily’s... We’ll see. I can tell you that she’s the best fifth-year I could see in my school career... Severus, take the last one... Wow! 5 centimetres!!! Lily, you’re a winner!!! A Felix Felicis for you, take it, you deserve it! Augeo!”
Lily looked at Sirius, who seemed bored: he knew he had no chance with her and Snape and the shrinking potion was another piece of homework for him. Severus’s eyes were shining, as if tears filled them, but she may be wrong... she wasn’t sure. It quickly disappeared and Snape had his the most pallid and angry look on his face.
“Congratulations! Severus, there’s enough Felix for you... I have the rest of the potion, it will be suitable for about six hours, take it boy, you did well too”, Slughorn started clapping, “Eat, drink, have fun! I’ll go to the toilet and I’m back in a minute”.
A tall, black-haired girl with heavy-lidded eyes, Bellatrix, came to Lily, who was helping herself with a cake and said maliciously:
“Don’t think you’re better than us, Mudblood! You may brew good potions but you’ll never achieve the same we will. You’ll never good enough for us, we’ll never accept you”.
“You might’ve asked if I want to be good enough for you”, Lily replied sharply, “You didn’t so I’ll tell you. No, I don’t want, never”.
“We’ll see what you’ll say when the Dark Lord appears. We’ll see if you deny him”, she said, laughing madly and went away.
The feast became sadder after Bellatrix’s words. There she stood, together with her sister Narcissa, who was as pale as a drown woman: when you looked at her, the word “white” was what you thought of her immediately. They were the most adored Slytherin girls. Lily couldn’t stand them.
Suddenly she heard Severus’s voice: “Are we to talk to Slughorn, Evans?”.
“Oh yes, we are. Let’s go, then”.
They went to persuade the teacher. They asked him to go out of the room and when they were outside, Lily said:
“Professor, we have a small request. We’d like to have your permission to use the Potions classroom on Sunday afternoons. I’d like to show Severussome of my potion tricks”.
“An excellent idea, Lily”, Slughorn shouted, excited and swayed: he apparently drank too much wine, “You have my permission, of course. You can get really far with your knowledge and ambition”.
“Professor, thank you and... can we go? We all have much homework to do”, Lily explained.
When Slughorn agreed once more, swayed once more and left, Evans and Snape looked at themselves and Snape said seriously: “Till Sunday, then” and went away.
Lily came back to the room to tell Sirius that they can go. Sirius was relieved. He was standing with some Ravenclaw boys, but she could see one Hufflepuff girl, Alicia, who was gazing at hhim dreamily. When they both left and Sirius started talking that he’d gladly see Remus so he try to sneak to the shack omitting Filch, Lily put her hand into her pocket and shouted, sounding surprised and angry:
“Oh no! I don’t have the Felix Potion! Somebody must have stolen it from me! But who?!”

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