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“What do you mean by: it was stolen?”, Sirius Black asked, shaking his head, “Are you sure you took it with you? Who would...”, he paused and screamed in a tone suggesting that he was one hundred percent sure who was the thief, ‘ Snivellus!!!’
“Ha-ha-ha”, said Lily bitterly, “Surprising how fast you thought about your eternal enemy, Snivelly. But you’ve forgotten that he isn’t my enemy, you see... and he got his prize too...”, she was thinking loudly, “I’ve got an idea, but I can’t tell I’m right”.
“Who can it be?”, Sirius asked, “Snape is from Slytherin, he would be capable of that...”
“No”, she decided, sounding determined, “The thief can be someone from Slytherin, but it’s not Snape. It can be Bellatrix. She was talking to me, she never does it. She was standing close enough to me to manage to steal the Felix”.
“I’ve never liked her”, confessed Sirius, “She’s my cousin, a real evil one. When we were kids, she set a stray cat on fire, I can tell you, I was scared like hell. She can do really evil things. Now forgive me, I have to go to the boys’ dormitory. I’ll see if James and Peter can go with me to see Remus in the shack. Our prefect won’t say a word to professors, I hope...”, he sighed, his handsome face grinning.
“You know that I won’t. Poor Remus. Be careful!”
Lily went to the Griffindor room, where she informed curious students that she’d won, Snape got his less part of the Felix potion and she left to the dormitory. The two friends followed her.
“It could be that Bellatrix, Sirius’s right”, Terra said.
“It can’t be Snape, I don’t believe it. They tell awful things about him but I’ve never heard that he steals things”, Angela added.
The time was passing by quickly and the next Quidditch match was planned to be on Saturday afternoon. Students were preparing their support badges, discussing the match strategies and James Potter was even more in the centre of attention than it was possible. He kept messing up his black hair, talking loudly and explaining what he thought about the Slytherin chaser, Avery.
“He may be quick, he may be good, but I’ve heard that he caught some kind of a disease which makes him dizzy while sitting on the broom. Wasn’t it someone of you who did it to him?”, James asked and the whole group surrounding him were bursting from laughter, “Admit it!”
Somebody threw his hand up in the air.
“Hestia? REALLY?”, James stared at the girl unbelievingly.
“Well... yes”, she grinned, “It’s a charm my brother taught me. I think it can help you a bit”.
“You could be in Slytherin, Hestia”, Lily said and went straight to the pitch. When she saw Avery in the crowd, and he was swaying from the left to the right, looking furious and everything but not concentrated, she pulled out her wand, aimed it at him and said: “Relashio!’
“What are you doing, Evans?!”, a pale, blonde Narcissa yelled, “What have you done to him, you filthy Mudblood?”
“Don’t open your mouth if you don’t know what I’ve just done, Miss Pure-Blood”, Lily answered waspishly, “I’ve just saved your precious Avery from falling off the broom so that both teams had equal chances and I probably will be bashed for that by my own house”.
“It’s unbelievable how stupid you are”, Avery started laughing, “Evans! You’ve just won the stupidity contest! Hey, people! The Mudblood has just cured me so that we could have equal chances!”, all the Slytherins were howling with laughter.
Lily looked around, afraid of the fact that somebody from her house could hear it. He caught Severus’s eye: he was looking at her astonished and... acceptable? Unfortunately, there was a sixth-year Gideon Prewett, who looked at her saying: “Are you crazy? It was our advantage! What will happen if you just let it go?”
Soon the news spread through the fifth-years too. The Griffindors weren’t happy, not at all. Many of them just stopped talking to Lily.
“Lily, you know we are friends and so on, but you really could leave it”, Frank Longbottom said, “This Avery isn’t saint. He often hurts our players when nobody looks, he caused Marlene to fall off her broom, remember? If she hadn’t been flying quite near the ground... I really don’t know what would have happened. And that Crouch boy conjured the Quaffle once, it was flying to hurt us... Potter was hit by it so strongly, that he couldn’t play and he was lying in the hospital wing for five days”.
“Maybe I really shouldn’t do it... I can’t stand that people are furious at what I did. James!”, Lily yelled, ‘Can you come here?”
Potter came closer, his face expression unfathomable and Lily asked, worried:
“Are you mad at me too? Do you think that I shouldn’t cure Avery?”
“Honestly... You did the most stupid thing in your life...”, he looked seriously at her and then started laughing: “Just kidding! No problem, really... I’ll smash him into pieces!”
“And this one can be certainly called “Mr Conceited”, she sighed and they three laughed.
The Qudditch match started. The air was filled with tension and loud yelling. Slytherins were singing their song:
Griffindors are big loosers,
Griffindors are so weak,
They will get none but bruises,
They won’t get Golden Snitch!
After four hundred and fifty-seventh repeating of that song Lily yelled:
“My goodness! I can’t stand it anymore! I wish Potter caught the snitch as fast as he can and the game was over! It’s madness, this song!”
But Potter was still looking for the snitch and each time he was flowing faster looking as if he saw something, Avery was flying after him, so that James couldn’t be left alone for a while.
“I really shouldn’t have cured Avery!”, Lily sighed, “Now now!!! Can you see it?’
Avery was staring in the one direction and James in the opposite. Potter sprang fast and Avery sprang in the opposite direction. The crowd giggled.
“James Potter has caught the snitch! Griffindor wins!’, and all the stadium was filled with clapping, yelling and „Buuuuuuuuu’ sounds.
When the Griffindors were on the grounds, hugging their Quidditch players happily, Lily heard Avery talking:
“... and I’ve seen something, I was sure that it was the snitch and I’ve forgotten to guard Potter, I thought that he didn’t see what I saw...”
“Well, I definitely didn’t see what you saw”, Potter said, passing Avery by, “What did you see, white mice?”, he grinned and took Lily in his arms: “Evans! We won!!!”
Lily tried to loosen his grip: “Congratulations”, she said, “Really, you were excellent, but it doesn’t have to mean that you can suffocate me in your grip”.
Severus Snape was standing in the corner of the pitch near them, watching the scene with his eyes narrowed. He looked at the Marauders who were looking at the couple with a visible interest in their eyes, then walked away.

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