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I'd say that this chapter is suitable for forumers who are already 13 years old or more... Please leave a comment in a "Feedback for "Snively" by allegro" in the feedbacks upper section .


Lily looked around and noticed that James Potter was there. She had an idea... She’d shouted a lot at James lately, though. Lily decided to take the risk and ask James for something.
“James, can I ask you for a minute?”
James looked at her, surprised. She was mean to him half an hour ago and she was so nice for him now.
“What’s up, Evans? Have you seen something I shouldn’t do again?”, he smiled, but his eyes remained colder than usual.
“I’d like to ask you to lend something to me, but I’m not sure if you’d like to give me it. Even if you’re a guy who exaggerates in some... oh...I haven’t been to nice for you lately”, she admitted, embarrassed, “I was just wondering if... oh, let’s end with it. Can you lend me your invisibility cloak?”, she said very quickly, “I know you have one and I... I need it to punish somebody who stole something important for me”.
The two Lily’s friends looked at James with hope.
“And you can borrow me instead”, Terra laughed, “So that Lily and you were fifty-fifty”.
“Well...”, James answered slowly, looking sad, “Evans, I regret to say this but... Filch’s confiscated the cloak”
“That's awful!”, Angela sighed, “It could be such a great plan...”
“Just kidding, girls! I still have it! But remember, Evans: no hexing! I’d prefer you to be fifty-fifty with me, but I know you’ll refuse me as always, so... maybe Terra for Sirius? When I look at you, you don’t look that bad either”, James smiled, pointing at Terra, “He’d be satisfied”.
Terra showed James her tongue and asked: “So where’s the cloak?”
“Were you talking about me?”, Sirius came closer, “Did I hear: Terra Sirius something?”
“You’re correct, Padfoot”, James grinned, “Fancy a date with Terra today?”

Lily sneaked out of the Griffindor room, said: Lumos!” and was walking fast, the wand lit in her hand. The corridors were almost empty; there was nothing but silence, sometimes broke by quiet conversations of the people living in the pictures hanging on Hogwarts walls. She was praying for omitting Mrs Norris: the cat could easily sniff her. Right then she had no idea what she could do to Bellatrix but she felt it must have been the stolen Felix potion which did the job: why Bella started going out with Rodolphus so suddenly?
“It isn’t all about the potion”, she thought and stopped trying not to breathe because she spotted Professor McGonagall walking towards the Filch’s office, “She shouldn’t say these things to me at the Slughorn’s party”.
The girl crossed the moving stairs and they stopped at the sixth floor. Trying not to give a single sound, Lily was searching for the dating couple. It was possible that they were no longer there. She was listening at the doors she passed but any sound could be heard. Suddenly she stopped; she saw long, slim shadows of the two people on the floor. The girl said “Nox!” and her wand stopped giving light.
“... so pretty... How come I haven’t noticed how beautiful you are before?”, she heard Rodolphus’s passionate voice.
“I can tell you why. She’s a thief and you’re being cheated”, Lily thought furiously, “She should’ve brewed the potion herself if she’d wanted to make a fool of you”.
“But you’ve noticed me and that’s the most important thing”, Bellatrix answered, her voice tense of lust, “I hope that it’ll continue...”
Lily came closer and looked at them with interest. Rodolphus’s hand was wandering from Bella’s breasts to her waist. She saw them kissing and became fascinated by the view somehow. She kept staring at them and out of the sudden the wand fell out of her hand with a loud sound. The couple looked around in panic.
“Is anybody out there?”, Bellatrix asked.
Lily lifted the wand quickly from the ground and started walking towards the stairs as quietly as she could. She felt that something- some kind of power is pushing her to come back to the Griffindors. “No wonder I couldn’t do any pranks to them”, she thought, disappointed, “It’s obvious! I haven’t thought about it earlier! If she really took the Felix, she wanted to snog Lestrange without any breaks. I wish I could scare her to death! But at least I’m sure that she stole my potion.”

Lying in her bed Lily did a review of the day. Both her friends were sleeping but she couldn’t. She was thinking about something strange and dangerous what awoke deep inside of her that day. Terra was talking to Black for a long time sitting on the windowsill that day. Maybe they will be a couple... James fancied Lily or maybe he fancied one hundred other girls from Hogwarts. Bellatrix desired Avery. Lily was fancing... whom was she fancing?

The new week was happier than ever: the air was filled with the longing for Christmas. The hall was decorated, all the Hogwarts ghosts were agitated, Peeves was sneering, throwing snow balls and icicles at the students... Professors, especially McGonagall and Moody were still demanding much homework.
“Oh, next Tuesday and we’ll be on our way home”, sighed Frank Longbottom when they were eating meals even more delicious than always, “I miss home”.
“Me too”, Alice replied, “I can’t wait to see my parents and I’m expecting a new snowy owl as a Christmas present”.
Frank glanced at her and said: “I’ve heard that you may expect more gifts than usual”
“What do you mean by that?”, Alice asked curiously, but she heard no answer, as James’s voice caught all Griffindors’ attention:
“And I know that I’ll get a new broomstick on Christmas, my mum’s promised me that in the last letter”, he said proudly, “It’s the newest model, the Sweeper. Can you imagine how fast I’ll be able to fly? Avery’s dead, I can tell you!”, he messed up his hair and glanced at Lily.
“Ah yeah, Potter, of course”, Lily answered maliciously, “And look who’s sitting at the Slytherin table... See? Avery! He doesn’t look dead somehow”, she grinned and went straight to the Divination classroom on the top tower.

The Potions lessons with Slughorn had become more interesting for Lily lately. As they were with the Slytherins, she could watch Bellatrix and Rodolphus brewing various potions together; Bellatrix left her pale sister Narcissa, who was sitting with blonde Barty Crouch Junior. “They both look so white that eyes hurt when you look at them”, Lily thought. Severus seemed not to be interested in anything but new potions and she noticed that he started brewing them in a more creative way, with better or worse results. As they had Potions two times a week, the first lesson and Snape’s attempts to brew a more extraordinary potion than he used to do ended in not a very fortunate way: the hot potion was poured out of the cauldron, hissing dangerously and it burnt Snape’s face, as he was staring at it cautiously with the nose too near the boiling mass.
“Oh! My dear boy! You must go to the hospital wing at once!!!”, Slughorn shouted, sounding frightened, “Hurry, boy, hurry! I hope that Mrs Healing will manage to repair the damage on your face!”
“Not that he didn’t have any damage before these Potions”, Potter said in a waspish voice quite loudly: many of the Griffindors and some of the Slytherins, including Bellatrix, giggled.
“What did you say, Potter?”, Slughorn asked absent-mindedly, trying to vanish the potion, which didn’t want to disappear.
“That it would be a disaster if our mate couldn’t be cured”, James answered, smiling sweetly and suddenly shouted: “Ouch!”. He jumped in a chair. “Somebody’s hit me!”
‘Don’t talk rubbish, James”, Slughorn shook his finger, “Nobody’s hit you, I was looking at you!”
James looked at Snape with hate in his hazel eyes and said nothing. Snape’s eyebrow lifted, his lips curled in a false smile and he went out of the classroom, holding a handkerchief on his face.

The second Potions lesson ended in Slughorn’s applause of Snape’s and Lily’s excellently brewed Better Mood potions. Both Snape and Lily added some ingredients which mixed gave: a singing effect in Lily’s case and a smile all the time as the great effect Severus achieved. Praised by Slughorn, they left the classroom in a well-earned glory. It was the last lesson of the week.

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