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As Lily went out of the classroom and followed the well-known path towards the Griffindor common room, thinking about how surprising Snape could be, how he wanted to win every battle with James-a battle on words or on hexes- and why they do care of what they think about themselves, a little girl from Hufflepuff caught her saying that Professor Dumbledore asked her to come to his office and she said the password. Lily was surprised, but obediently turned left and went straight into the Headmaster’s office, muttering “Hello” to many students and some other professors she was passing by.
The huge gargoyle allowed her to pass when she had said loudly: “Lemon sorbet!”. She went upstairs, curious what the Headmaster whom she liked very much would like from her.
She knocked, entered the room and saw that nobody was there. She sat on the comfortable chair and looked around.
The portraits of previous Hogwarts headmasters and headmistresses were glancing at her with a visible interest in their eyes.
“I’m wondering what Dumbledore wants from you, girl”, Professor Dippet asked, smiling.
“Oh, what would he want from his students... They must have messed something up and Dumbledore would be searching for something what can excuse them”, she heard the voice belonging to Phineas Nigellus, who was said to be the least liked headmaster in Hogwarts, “You all know Dumbledore”.
“It’s very noble of Dumbledore to treat his students like that!”, the long-haired old witch apparently liked the headmaster, but before she could say more, the knock at the door can be heard and a greasy black-haired head showed itself at the door.
“You too, Snape?”, Lily blinked.
“Ah, me too. I already can tell you whom we owe this honor to. Do you want to know?’
Lily nodded.
“Potter. I’m sure he saw you being transfigured and...”, Snape spat.
“... And thought it would be a great idea to inform me what he’d just seen”, Dumbledore came into the room and smiled gently, “It was his aim to tell me that somebody from outside Hogwarts could be here”.
“It wasn’t his aim!”, Snape said angrily, “He’s always accusing me of something evil! I was sure that he’d go straight to you after what he saw!!!”
“Unbelievable impertinence”, Phineas spoke.
“And what did he see?”, Dumbledore asked politely, “You are here, you can explain me what was going on in the Potions classroom and if your version is believable- and I’m almost sure it will be – I’ll admit that James Potter was wrong in thinking that somebody outside of Hogwarts could break through, but he did well informing me that it was that- a bit unbelievable- possibility”.
“We – we’ve been practising! We’re allowed to practise every Sunday!”, Snape said this in a defensive tone.
“He’s right, Professor”, Lily nodded, “Professor Slughorn allowed us to practise Potions in his classroom and Severus – he was teaching me a kind of Transfiguration-“
“Were you taught how to change people’s looks?”, asked curiously Dumbledore, “I thought...”
“No, we weren’t – but Severus invented this spell himself and wanted to teach me and I thought it can be useful-“, Lily explained in one breath.
“Severus, can you show me this? I wouldn’t expect we have such advanced students... which is great, great...”
Snape transformed Lily’s head and the air was filled with admiring sounds of the people on the portraits, even Fawkes, the phoenix, squeaked in a high voice.
“Oh, this one is a true Slytherin”, Nigellus said, sounding very satisfied.
Severus looked proud and happy that he was appreciated. Lily thought that maybe it was his biggest need which was fulfilled that day.

The rest of the day was followed by learning and dreaming about Christmas. Terra seemed a bit annoyed with Sirius:
“He’s a bit boring, I can tell you. All he’d talk about are the Marauders- especially James. He won’t say a word about himself and his feelings, nothing. Potter is an interesting topic as I like him very much too”, Terra shrugged, “But how long can you listen to all this talking about their wanderings – where they haven’t been I really don’t know, it looks as if they’ve been everywhere, even on the top of the Whoomping Willow and in the Filch’s office stealing things when he didn’t know they were there – really unbelievable- , about Quidditch, and again about their wanderings and about Quidditch... if only he wasn’t so handsome... What are you laughing at???”, and she threw a pillow towards Lily and Angela sitting on the pillows opposite her.

Monday passed quickly because only Oracula and McGonagall were demanding the homework from them, the other professors gave them more freedom than usual. When the students of all four schools entered the compartments in the Hogwarts Express, Lily left her friends and went to the front of the train because she and Lupin – the prefects - had to take care of Hogwarts boys and girls.
When they were walking down the corridor, Remus stopped to chat a bit with the Ravenclaw quidditch player, Aurelius Smith, who was also his cousin.
“Are you going to visit us after Christmas?”, Aurelius asked with a hope in his voice, “We’d be really glad to see your mum”.
“I’d really love to but I’m afraid we can’t”, answered Remus, slightly disappointed, “Mum sent me an owl few days ago... Christmas this year will be everything but not wealthy...”
“You shouldn’t care about all this fuss with Christmas presents, if that’s what you mean, Remus”, Aurelius patted Lupin on his back, “If that’s a problem, we –“
Suddenly Lily realised that they were standing next to the compartment, which was filled by the Slytherins: Bellatrix, Narcissa, Rodolphus Lestrange and Avery. The door of the compartment wasn’t fully close: there was a small space which allowed her to hear some parts of the quiet conversation:
‘... the powers Dumbledore knows not... always knows when you lie... reading in your mind... that dumb old man can’t do this”, Bellatrix was talking to her friends, “Can you imagine...”, she had a blush on her face, her black heavy-lidded eyes shining, her black, long straight hair touched by Avery amazingly often.
“...I can’t promise, Aurelius’, she heard Lupin’s voice and tried not to listen to Lupin’s and Smith’s conversation so that she could hear the Slytherins more clearly.
“... ask Lucius”, the pale, blonde Narcissa answered in a conspiratory voice, “... see if he can arrange...”
“Who’s Lucius?”, Lily thought and then reminded herself: “Ah, it’s a man from the old pureblood family, Frank told me about them once, these ones who are wealthy and treat no-purebloods like rags”.
“... Avery, stop it!”, Narcissa sounded furious, “You should appreciate his extraordinary possibilities to arrange...”
“... hope James won’t let you win!!!”, Remus grinned and suddenly the compartment’s door burst open:
“What are you doing here, you filthy Mudblood?”, Bellatrix asked with a smirk on her face which could be even beautiful if there wasn’t the superiority on it so often, “I know, I know... you wanted to clean our shoes... or were you pretending to hang around to be able to overhear our conversation?”
Lupin reacted at once: he took his wand out of the pocket of his old school robes and aimed it at Bellatrix: “Repeat it, but before you do it, mind that we’re Prefects”.
“I’m a prefect as well as you are, kiddies”, Avery stood up, his wand at the ready, “So is Bellatrix”, “Try us if you want but don’t forget to wipe the mud before you hex us, Evans”, he jeered, pointing his wand at Lily with her wand out.
“Capitem mutare!”, Lily shouted, smiling and Avery’s head became a head of a fifty- year-old woman, “Is that better?”, she grinned, looking at surprised Slytherins. Narcissa let a quiet giggle.
“Do you want to keep the head forever or you prefer not to be so fast in offending me the next time?”, Lily laughed and Remus joined. “If you choose the second option, and there isn’t Madam healing here, you know – I’ll take the hex off you when we’ll be leaving the train. Come on, Remus, we have to patrol the other compartments”.
Roaring with laughter, they left the four Slytherins and went ahead.

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