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“Lily, you have a guest! Come to the kitchen, I’ve prepared a delicious cake, we’re going out to the church!”, Octavia shouted loudly, “I hope that the new priest won’t throw us out of the building... He knows you’re a witch and he isn’t tolerant. Not at all”.
Lily came down into the kitchen and saw her Mum and Dad in warm winter coats, ready to leave. Severus Snape was sitting in the corner of the table, feeling apparently uncomfortable because the stool he sat was too small for his height. He looked like an adult on the kid’s bike.
“Hi, Lily”, he said and smiled gently.
“Hi”, she answered and asked: “Fancy a cake? My mum’s baked it”.
“Sure”, he nodded and added clumsily: “Thank you for the present, I wasn’t expecting-“
“Not at all”, Lily replied, warmness in her eyes, “I was glad to get something from you too... It was interesting, such a not commonplace gift. Did you have a good time at Christmas?” she asked and as soon as she finished, she realized that she shouldn’t have said this.
Snape looked hurt for a while and then answered: “So-so. It may be”, then he looked carefully at the green clasp in her hair and noticed, smiling: “You’ve got a very beautiful clasp. It really suits you well. Is it new? A Christmas present?”
“Yes. From James Potter”, she admitted and blushed at once, realizing that maybe she shouldn’t have said this too... It will certainly cause some mean comments about her Griffindor mate.
“Potter...”, Severus said and looked at the ceiling for a short while, then he asked: “Do you like him?
“Well... A good question”, Lily said in a faint voice, “I neither like or dislike him, I can’t tell you the truth. I just don’t know. At least he’s a Griffindor, I mean...”
“At least?- Are you trying to say that only Griffindors are worth your – ah- sympathy?”, Severus asked her, sounding a bit maliciously, and shook his black-haired head.
“And what would you say about people from different houses? Are they worth your sympathy?’, Lily asked trying to defend herself and it apparently worked.
“Me? Er- that’s a good question”, he answered, abashed and suddenly they were bursting from laughter. They were laughing and laughing until they felt they couldn’t laugh no more because it may end tragically to their stomachs.
“To answer your question-“, Severus glanced at her quickly, “I’m a bit puzzled and lost and I don’t know what to think in some – er- particular cases”.
Lily’s heart started pumping faster. Was she wrong or Severus’s confession sounded very personal as if it concerned them both?
“Take Potter and Black, for example”, Snape continued, “It’s a mutual hate between us and I don’t think that anything can change this. I can’t stand them, they can’t stand me- that’s how it works. They have some certain talents, though, I’m not stupid to think otherwise”.
“A certain talent for being in trouble-yes”, Lily rolled her eyes, “You’re not better!”, she grinned, “I can tell you they’re very good students. Really, they are excellent at Transfiguration, McGonagall praises them and you know her- she isn’t that fast at praising. Sirius is good at Potions and Charms, James exceeds expectations in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, Quidditch...”- she paused, looking at Snape’s face, who was apparently fighting himself so that he wouldn’t say nothing mean. “They’re good students and no wonder that they’re – er- a bit conceited”.
“Yeah. Does a student who’s good at many subject have to prance himself in front of the whole school like Potter?”, he said in a bored voice, “Let’s change the subject, Lily”.
They were silent for a while and Lily started boiling water to make a cup of tea for them both, “I’ll make a real Muggle drink”, she smiled, “You’ve drunk tea, I suppose?”
“Yeah, my father drinks it. When he doesn’t drink alcohol. Which means he drinks tea maybe five times a year”, he said bitterly and paused. “I’d like to invite you to my place too, but... I’d prefer not”.
“I understand”, she nodded, “Is he against witches and wizards in general? Or only against your mother?”, she asked feeling silly, as she had already known the answer.
“He’s against the whole magical world if it doesn’t bring him benefits”, he said furiously, “He’s lately got “The Daily Prophet” my mum subscribed... He’s read it and he knows about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and Dementors on the loose... I even don’t know if my mother and father- oh- I don’t want to talk about that, you see... ”
“I understand”, Lily repeated quietly and touched his hand gently. She felt that Severus felt much better to have a possibility to talk about his feelings to somebody who listens to what he says. “I understand...”
Snape looked straight into Lily’s green eyes. His eyes looked as if he surrendered, surrendered to her understanding, to her warmness, to her who’s been listening to him, who hasn’t underlined the differences between Griffindors and Slytherins... Then his eyes turned left, on a green clasp from James and his eyes became cold and angry. Lily noticed it and took her hand away without a word. Severus glanced at her and he, himself, took her hand in his hand instead. The look on his face became hungry and mad. Lily heard her heart pumping as fast as it possibly could. The cups of tea were lying on the table, intact. Their faces were getting closer and closer...
Suddenly they’ve heard a noise of an open door. Somebody came into the house.
“What have we been talking about lately? The Dementors?”, Lily said loudly, feeling stupid, “I don’t know as much about them as I should... Can you tell me more?’
The sound of somebody unzipping a jacket broke the silence, then Snape started talking:
“Dementors are hooded dark creatures. They can suck your soul out and make you like a plant: no memories, no feelings, it’s better to die than to live this way. They are on Riddle’s employee at the moment. Just imagine what they are capable to do with all these people who don’t agree to become Death –‘
He paused. Petunia came into the kitchen and was looking at Severus.
“Hi”, he said and returned her unpleasant look.
“Hi”, she answered, “I won’t be bothering you...” and turned straight into the girls’ room.
“Tunia... “, Lily started but her sister had already left the kitchen.

“See you at Hogwarts, then”, Snape said and looked at Lily frowning, “Lily...’ he added and it was something soft in his voice.
Lily looked at him, walking on the snowy street, dressed in black. She felt torn. He was a Slytherin, she was a Griffindor. She felt he was like an unread book... and as much as she tried not to make differences between Slytherins and Griffindors, she couldn’t say she wasn’t at all afraid which side he will choose when forced to choose between good or bad. It was something inexpressible in him. She knew he could do good if only he wanted and was afraid that his family and school life can make him wanting revenge.
Severus’s tiny figure finally disappeared and she returned home.

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