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“Mum, Dad, hurry up! The train leaves in two minutes!”, Lily panted, running towards the barrier leading to platform nine and three quarters.
“We’re doing our best, honey!”, Octavia was holding a huge cage with Lily’s owl, “We’ll be on time, don’t worry”.
When Lily quickly kissed her mum and dad good-bye, she found her two friends in a compartment. She hugged them and left her luggage; while turning towards the front of the train, where the Hogwarts prefects had already been, she saw that Frank Longbottom, James Potter, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew were walking towards the compartment where Terra and Angela sat, James had already put his hand on the compartment handle.
“Hello, Evans”, he smiled, “Long time, no see”, and glanced at her hair: “I’ve noticed you like the Christmas present I sent you”.
“Yeah, it’s beautiful, thank you”, Lily nodded, “I really like wearing it... I’m sorry but I haven’t thought about a gift for you... I wasn’t expecting-‘
“I see you’ve come back to your straight hair”, Sirius joined the conversation.
“Oh, I’ve come to it before Christmas”, Lily grinned at Sirius, “I didn’t want my parents and sister to die of shock”.
“Coming back to the presents...”, James said loudly sounding as if he wanted to concentrate Lily’s attention on himself, “Evans... What would you say if I asked you for one innocent, nice kiss?’
“I’d say dream on”, Lily answered, shaking her head, “I may pat you on your back instead” – and she did like she said. Her friends burst with laughter, “I’m sorry, I have to join the other prefects, Lupin must have gone there already”.
As she turned on her heel, she noticed Regulus Black who was standing near them. He was keeping a greyish rat in his hand.
“Sirius, you’ve forgotten about him”, he said angrily, “How many times do I have to carry your stuff after you?”
“You did it maybe for the third time in your entire pathetic life and you’re doing such a fuss, little bro”, Sirius answered lazily and went to greet Terra.

All teachers become more and more demanding. Most fifth-year students were spending all of their free time on writing essays, practising Charms, sitting in the library where they were continually warned by the thin librarian, Mrs Pince.
“Can you breathe there?”, Angela hissed furiously, as she was trying to search the notes about how to resist an Imperius curse in the books, to be handed to professor Moody on Thursday, “You can’t eat here, you can’t write on parchment with your quill too near to her precious books, you can’t even cough here!”
“Look who’s sitting two tables behind you, Lily!”, Terra whispered, “Or better don’t look, I’ll tell you. Snape! He’s been staring at you for quite a long time!”
“Yeah?”, Lily looked as if she wasn’t interested, “How much time?’
“About half a minute”, smiled Terra, “I’m wondering what’s going on during your private lessons...”
“Half a minute isn’t long”, Lily replied; her hand went to her red hair and touched checking the green clasp, “You may come to the dungeons if you want to study with us”.
“Oh, I wouldn’t like to break this so-called studying!”, Terra smiled cunningly, “I suppose you both-“
“How dare you speak that loud here!!!”, Mrs Pince hissed furiously, “It should be a temple of silence, a temple of widening your knowledge!”, she spat, “One more loud word and it’s going to be the end of your studying for today!”
“She’s louder than I, isn’t she?’, Angela closed her books and gave them back to Mrs Pince, “I’ve decided that it’s the end of my studying for today”, she said in a falsely sweet voice, “I reminded myself that I have the necessary book in our dormitory. Bye, girls”.

All the students seemed very excited lately. It was an important reason for that: professor Dumbledore let the students go to Hogsmeade village on Sunday; it wasn’t the nearest Sunday, though, but the next after that week’s one. Lily was sitting in the Griffindor common room, trying to overcome the noise of overexcited students. She had a six-inch essay for McGonagall to write. Wild blush on her face, her hair bushy as it rarely was, she kept messing up her hair, rolling her eyes with a wild look from the heavy, brown-covered book to her parchment.
“...he followed us! What if he discovers...”, she heard, trying to concentrate on how to make a puppy from a bird’s feather. The possibility to write something what made sense was almost equal to zero.
“Nah, I don’t think he does...”, Pettigrew voice sounded doubtful, “Not when James....”
“... go to the cafe with me? We’d be able to talk about it more”, Frank said.
“... gloves which are invisible when you wear them and they still warm your hands...’, Hestia Jones was apparently looking forward to buying a pair, because she sounded excited and she did have beautiful hands, no wonder that she wanted to show them all the time, even in winter.
“... nasty, filthy jerk!”, Sirius was rabid; „He keeps poking his overgrown nose in places he shouldn’t! Just imagine what would happen if he told...”
“Ah, Snape”, Lily thought, and then stood up, getting closer to the two Marauders.
“What happened? Snape knows Lupin’s secret?”, she asked curiously.
“Thank God not yet”, Sirius answered, “But he keeps following us all the time, I wish he stopped. And James knows that you were with Snape in the dungeons before Christmas, he’s afraid you can tell him.”.
“Listen to me, Black”, Lily shook her head angrily, “I have no idea how Potter knew this but it’s true. I was practicing potions with him”.
“Wait- what were you- YOU WERE PRACTISING POTIONS WITH HIM?”, Sirius was bulging with hate.
“Be quiet or I start shouting about Remus!”, threatened Lily, “Yes, I did, I was teaching him Potions and we were also practising Transfiguration, he’s good at it”.
“How could you? You’re fraternizing with the enemy!!!”, Black hissed furiously, “Why him? Why not somebody else???”
“Oh, don’t start again”, Lily barked, “He’s got certain talents...’
“James’s excellent at Transfiguration too! You don’t even know – and you don’t practise with him-“
“Oh, stop it”, Lily said quietly because some of the students seemed to overhear them, “You can promise James that I won’t say a word about Remus to Snape”.
“Lily... I don’t understand you”, said Pettigrew.
“That’s your problem. Because you don’t understand me, I can’t get closer to you four”, she answered and went to Terra and Angela, who came into the common room.

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