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@all the people who read my fanfiction: please leave a comment in the feedback section, it won't kill you, you know I like writing for myself, but in general I write the story for you, guys! I see that people read it, so you'll make me happy by leaving your comments!


The week was passing by quickly. Terra started going out with Sirius, but she didn’t seem as happy as Lily supposed she should have been. “Maybe she fancies another Griffindor”, Angie commented with a light shade of venom in her voice. Poor Angie apparently was disappointed that she had nobody to go out with. Having face which you wouldn’t call “pretty” wasn’t nice at all: she was a kind of a girl whom nobody noticed unless she was in a company of popular, pretty girls.
“Why don’t you seem happy? You’re with Black, you should’ve been jumping of joy every five minutes”, Lily muttered to Terra so that the boys sitting at the desk in front of them wouldn’t hear.
“It’s not that I’m not happy, he’s handsome after all”, Lily’s friend grinned trying to hide she is involved in some conversation: McGonagall focused all her attention to her. Terra pointed her wand at the silver feather lying on her desk and said the incantation. Unfortunately, the feather didn’t change into a puppy, it only flew upwards and then fell down.
“It’s not a proper wand movement, Miss Shacklebolt”, McGonagall pointed out severely, “You move your wand too fast”.
Terra tried again and murmured to her two friends: “He’s an excellent kisser but all he can talk about lately is Potter, Potter, Quidditch, Lupin, Potter, Transfiguration, Potter, Potter –“
“Miss Shacklebolt! If I see one more movement of your lips which won’t remind me of the incantation, Griffindor will loose ten points”, McGonagall threatened and girls became quiet.

The Defence Against the Dark Arts with professor Augustus Moody, who was said to have been an Auror before he joined the Hogwarts staff, were interesting but also a bit frightening. He told them that almost all his family was in Griffindor and that his younger brother, Alastor, was an Auror too. He once told their students about his work: it was highly dangerous, as you were an easy target for these who called themselves the Death Eaters. They dreamed about Aurors joining their group and seemed not to save anyone to try to convince him. Aurors were an excellent source of information to Voldemort’s allies. In case when the Aurors didn’t like to betray the ministry, they often tortured them to the lost of their minds or killed them, using the Unforgivable Curses.
“You must be cautious! Extremely cautious!”, Augustus was speaking in his loud, strong voice which sounded as a thunder, “The Death Eaters can be everywhere! One moment of inattention and you can be easily imperiused or tortured in the other way, even killed!”, he thundered, “You must practise how to resist all these curses, again and again, the danger is coming! Potter, come here”, he asked James, “You, together with Lupin, Black and Longbottom were the only ones in this classroom who’d been able to resist this curse lately. We’ll see if you can resist this curse today. I’m warning you, today my breakthrough will be more powerful”.
James stood in front of Moody’s desk, apparently not scared at all. The tall, well-built teacher raised his wand and yelled: “Imperio!” The whole class seemed stop breathing. They saw him swaying, then staggering; suddenly he started walking towards the table, when Augustus Pye and Martha Myers were sitting. He started uncontrollably shaking and then fell on the floor with a loud “bang”.
“Ennervate!”, Moody said loudly and the spell did what it should do: Potter was conscious again.
“Excellent, James, excellent!”, Moody was excited and satisfied, “Remind the class what I wanted to force you to do last time and tell them what your resisted today”.
“Thank you, Professor”, Potter smiled happily, “Last time Professor Moody tried to force me to open the door. Today he told me to come closer to Augustus and Martha’s table and to put Augustus book on Martha’s head”.
Most of the class cast Potter admiring looks. They knew that resisting this curse was very hard to do.
“The next ones! Maybe Remus Lupin this time?”
After Remus resisted to water the flowers, Frank didn’t agree to clean the blackboard, Sirius refused to jump up and down, Moody chose Lily and Alice. Lily managed to stop Moody ordering her to tie and loosen her shoelaces (it was extremely hard for her, though, she already touched them). Alice’s round, nice face was shining from sweat, but she didn’t broke her pencil. The rest of the class couldn’t resist Moody’s demands.
“You should’ve concentrate on pulling my request back!”, Moody repeated, “Think that you don’t want to do this, you don’t want to be my puppet! Practise what the Muggles call “assertiveness’! You always can say: “No!”.
When the lesson was over and the classroom filled with students’ animated voices commenting achievements of one another, Lily came closer to James and patted him on his shoulder:
“You did great, Potter. I think you could be a good Auror”.
James looked at Lily, surprised and answered: “Thank you, Evans. I’ll think about this. You did well too”.
“Yes, you did!”, Remus added enthusiastically, “Peter almost hyperventilated watching you!”.
Lily thought for a while and a sudden idea came into her head. What if she bashed James without any serious reason? What if he was such an excellent Hogwarts student everybody was talking about?
“Did you know you’d manage?”, Lily asked Peter curiously and before she could even think, she heard the answer: “Yeah, I did. I’ve always been able to handle difficult situations and I knew that I’d be able to handle this, too”, he straightened himself proudly.
“Have you ever had to handle abusive parents?”, she asked quietly, shaking her head in disbelief.
“Why are you asking... what came to your head? No!”, James answered.
“I had”, Sirius admitted.
“Nevermind”, Lily paused the conversation, “Nevermind. You aren’t able to handle some situations sometimes”, she joined her two friends and went away.
“Wait a minute”, James muttered, “I was angry at her as Sirius told me about her private lessons with Snivelly and now what? How does she do it? It’s so hard not to like her”.
“You fancy her, mate”, Black patted him on his shoulder, “Perhaps you see her throughout the pink glasses”.
“I don’t think so”, sighed Prongs, “There’s something about her – it’s hard to say. She has the power, yeah, she has”.

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