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When Sunday came, every single student at Hogwarts was extremely happy because it was the big day out – you could visit Hogsmeade at last! After handing in permissions to visit the place (the permissions had to be renewed all the time you wanted to get to the village as a result of dangerous times that came) the huge amount of students seemed to attack Hogsmeade with their animation, laughter and happy voices.
“Do you remember yesterday’s post?”, Angie asked her two friends, “It was a letter shower!”, she grinned, “Seems that nobody had believed we’d be finally allowed to do the shopping here!”
“Yeah, it was so funny!”, Lily smiled and rolled her eyes as if looking at the letters let go by the mass of excited owls, “My letter was dropped straight into my pumpkin juice. Thank God that Frank knew that drying incantation! I wouldn’t be at Hogwarts if he hadn’t done it... Hey, Frank!”, she shouted suddenly, “Thank you!’
“Er- no problem”, Frank shouted back surprised, „Are you still thinking about the Sicco enchantment?”
“Of course I am, you’ve saved my life”, she smiled.
“Yeah, you look much better now...”, Terra whispered in conspiracy and laughed loudly.
“You’re crazy”, Lily hit her on her back. They were holding their hands together but their hand connection was broken out of the blue. James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin forced their way between them.
“Fancy joining us at Mrs Puddifoot’s?”, James asked the girls, “It would be perfect if you three joined us”.
“What time?”, Angie asked, apparently very interested, glancing at Remus.
“I think three o’clock would be perfect”, suggested James, “We’re going to pair Frank and Alice up’, he whispered straight into Lily’s right ear and she didn’t resist as she was in an excellent mood, “They are definitely too shy to pair up by themselves... and the atmosphere in this place is so sweet – too sweet if you ask me- but I think it can work!”
“And you don’t have any detentions, James?”, Lily asked him with an unidentified tone, “After all these hexes? Hexing Snape this week and Bertram Aubrey last week?”
“Sirius, me and Snivelly were cleared of all charges”, Potter grinned, “There exist wands out of order sometimes, you know... And mine was really broken then. Remus sat on it. I didn’t mean to conjure this arm to Snape. I was trying Petrificus Totalus and then Snivellus managed to hex Sirius when he was looking at a...”, he lowered his voice to a very silent whisper straight into her ear again, “One pretty Ravenclaw girl”.
Severus Snape was watching this scene in a not very long distance. His forehead frowned and then as if reminding himself about something, he continued talking to Regulus Black and his mate, Servius.
“... I’ve heard them talking, he’s a werewolf, but I don’t have any serious proofs they weren’t joking”.

“Girls, I’m leaving you for a minute... I’d like to check the book store”, Lily informed her two friends.
“Go... I won’t go with you!”, Terra showed her tongue, “I’m sick of books, I can’t stand the sight of them”.
“Me too”, Angie sighed dramatically, “No way! All this knowledge makes me want to puke. I want something much more lighter... like this”, and she pointed out the pink feather lying on the shelf in front of her.
Lily went into the bookshop immersed in thinking: “I don’t want them to know my real feelings... they are against the Slytherins. They wouldn’t understand. There’s something in Severus what makes me... oh”.
“Evans”, Snape was going out of the store, but he stopped.
“Snape”, Lily nodded.
“No lessons today, I’m afraid”, he said, his face expression unfathomable.
“Yes”, she nodded and blushed.
“I understand you still need time?”, he asked calmly.
“Yes”, she nodded again.
“I understand”, he said, swaying on his long legs, ‘Well... good- bye”.
“Bye-bye”, she answered and looked around absent-mindedly. Narcissa and Bellatrix were watching a book, talking agitatedly. Lily went to the news section and took the book: “Charms Tor the Charming Ones” in her hands, examining it with a smile on her face. The book was hilarious! You could use it as a guide how to make a huge impact on people with non-verbal spells. If you take the Delectate charm, for example, you could make a person like you at instant and if...
“Charms for the charming ones”, said Bellatrix in a sneering voice, “Ridiculous! It’s definitely not a book for you!”, she took the book out of Lily’s hands gently and put it on the shelf again, “You have as much charm in you as a peeing dog. Maybe this one would be better...”, she showed Lily a book she was holding in her hands and shook her shiny black hair, “Muggles: Who They Really Are”, “You’re a piece of dung, Evans”, she hissed.
“Don’t force me to take out my wand here”, Lily said furiously, “I’m proud of being a Muggle”, she told addressing the both sisters, “And beware. I know some things about your plans”.
“Yeah? Prove it!”, Narcissa said threateningly and the went out of the bookstore.
“I’ll do my best”, Lily promised seriously and pointed her finger at Bellatrix: “Don’t tell me that I’m a weirdo here. You, Rodolphus and Rabastan are older than a usual seventh-year student. Tell me: were you a Squib? Huh?”
“Be quiet, girls, please. You’re disturbing”, the shop assistant reprimanded them.
“We’re going out. We don’t want to get poisoned by the Mudblood smell”, Narcissa said sweetly and they both went out.

Lily was furious: her heart was pumping very fast. She decided to walk a bit alone to calm her nerves and it lasted about an hour. Finally she decided to go to Madam Puddifoot’s. She looked around and saw her friends sitting at the table in a company of the Marauders. Apparently Madam Puddifoot let them join three tables in one.
“I used the linking charm”, James explained, “We’ll separate the tables when we are ready to go out”.
Lily sat at the table and smiled, pointing her head at Alice and Frank sitting together at another table in the corner of the room, “I see your plans worked... How have you done it?”
“Well, at first Terra and I started talking about who’s going out with whom”, Sirius smiled.
“They both were chatting about it very animatedly...”, Remus added.
“Then I told them that we all saw they both like themselves”, James said, grinning.
“You’ve almost ruined all the subtle clues!”, Sirius said in a condemnatory voice, “Alice almost escaped!”
“But I held her hand!”, Angie said, “I’ve saved the situation!’
“They both were red-faced, and I supposed it wouldn’t work”, Peter said, his little eyes shining from excitement.
“Finally Frank admitted that he liked Alice very much but he didn’t know if...”, James kept messing up his hair while talking, “And we suggested them talking about it”.
“They’ve been talking more than half an hour”, Sirius said and shrugged, “Not that I didn’t know it would work... Look! They’re going out together!”.
“A nice walk in the snow”, Potter grinned.
“I’m going out too”, Lily decided.
“With me?”, James asked innocently.
“No, for heaven’s sake, Potter, no!”, Lily yelled and everybody in the cafe looked at her, surprised, “You’ve got a certain talent to get on my nerves every time I start thinking that maybe you can forget about your big ego for a moment!”.
“Bad luck again, Prongs”, Sirius commented.

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