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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

Originally Posted by Tiberius View Post
I'm remided of the case where there was a prisoner due to be executed, and he said he wanted his body donated to science. So after his death, his body was surrounded with resin or something, and then the top millimeter was shaved off. A photo was taken, then another mm shaved off, and so on all the way down. This gave an incredibly detailed look at the interior of the human body, and with each slice scanned into computer, they were able to create a detailed 3D representation of the Human body. Such a thing would have been quite difficult to do, as it isn't often that middle aged men die in a way that doesn't distort their body (such as an accident or a disease). He was an otherwise healthy man.
That's pretty interesting, and it's reminded me of my uncle, who is a Catholic Priest. He has already made arrangements that when he dies his body will be donated to science for research. Obviously he is deeply religious as he is a priest, but he also acknowledges that religion shouldn't get in the way of scientific progress. Although he might be one of the few.


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