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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

Originally Posted by Tiberius View Post
The trouble is that religious ideas such as the soul are untestable. Due in no small part to the fact that there is no definition for such things. So, if science tries to test it and gets a negative result, then it can be explained away by saying that we weren't testing for a soul after all, just using an incorrect definition of a soul. As such, negative results can be constantly explained away.

Philosophical and religious ideas are untestable by science.

Let science try, test and find the soul to be untestable or even as an entity it cannot find to exist. Let it try and find a definition and fail. Because it has failed, let it say, such a thing may not be possible in the realm of science and it may be false even. I feel that should make no difference to religion.

For science, it is all about proof. And that's the way it should be IMO, because the subject deals with tangible conclusions and it needs that to advance in its research. It is all about increasing out material comforts and for that science has to demand proof.

Religion is about faith. How many of those who believe in God have actually seen HIm, or experienced Him in all his entirety?

Almost no one. Yet so many believe, because they have faith. They see miracles that happen in their own life, because of that faith in a power that they believe is superior to them in all ways.

They confide their problems to that power and they take solace in the faith again, completely sure that help asked would be given.

They have knocked and they believe and have faith that the door shalt be opened to greater understanding.

They have asked and they believe and have faith, that they shalt receive; a solution to their problems and their despair. Religion it is all about faith.

That has nothing to do with proof, nothing to do with experiments and observations and conclusions.

If science can give us the reason about a God, that is fantastic; but whether it can ot not, should not be the basis of belief of a religious person. For him, it is his faith, that moves mountains for him, faith that eases his problems and faith that comforts and it is the faith in his God, Teacher or Religion that heals his anguish and raises him from an ordinary man to a great soul.

Science has nothing IMO to do with all of this. I still feel both can and should co-exist togther with religion not hampering the research of science, but rather religion I think, should try its best to strengthen the belief of its people and keep them from turning away from it and being disillusioned by it.

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