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Re: The Relationship Between Science and Religion

1. Based off of your religious beliefs, do you think that some forms of scientific research should be restricted?

I don't have any religious affiliation. I do have spiritual and moral beliefs, but I don't feel that people's personal beliefs should influence science. I do have ethical concerns and feel that testing should do as little harm as necessary and, in the case of testing on humans, that all parties are consenting. These standards tend to be accepted by most boards, anyway.

2. What impact has religion had on scientific advances? Has organized religion held up the progress of scientific advancement?

In the past, many institutions of higher learning were run by churchs, and that can't be ignored. I also think that, in some cases, religion may have inspired people to try to learn more about the world. I do feel that religion inhibits progress at times, though, both in the past and in the present. In the past, you saw it in cases where the church rejected and punished ideas that went against church beliefs, and today I think it occurs when religious groups attempt to stop stem cell research, for example.

3. What do you think the relationship between religion and science should be?

I used to say that religion and science need not be in conflict. Now, I would change that to spirituality and science need not be in conflict, because for some people, being religious means adhering to church tradition in such a way that does conflict science. For instance, some people believe very strongly in interpreting the Bible literally, even if some parts can be argued as conflicting science. So whether or not religion and science conflict depends on a person's religion and their expression of it. But I personally believe that the spiritual and natural are one in the same. We simply can't test the spiritual as well.

If you do think that science and religion don't mix, do you think it's OK for religious figures to step up and voice their opinions that certain science research not be conducted?

I think they're definitely entitled to their opinion, and entitled to voice it.

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