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Re: Luna in Ravenclaw?

Originally Posted by katishere View Post
What people tend to forget about the houses is that the hat chooses based on a what is a person's greatest attribute, or what they're main personality point is, and also what they're interests are. A person is not wholly defined by just one thing, a person can be brave and smart, down to earth but courageous, ambitious and willing to work hard. Houses define what a person's true self is, what they enjoy, what they want to strive for more than anything. Luna is brave but she doesn't want to be a warrior. Out of all her attributes and faults the thing that she chooses to act on the most is her brain, she loves to think up wild ideas and study odd theories and specimens of fantastic beasts. She uses her imagination, creativity and logical reasoning to create her life and that is why she's in Ravenclaw. The same thing can be said for Hermione, Hermione is smart but the point is that her bravery is what she chooses to act on. There have been many times throughout the story that had she gone by the books or by logic she would have been in trouble but she choses to be brave and stand by Harry and Ron instead and that is why she is in Gryffindor. It's the part of the person's personalily and attributes that they choose to act upon that defines the quality of the house they belong to. That's why so many Slytherin's go bad because they choose to act on the qualities that define Slytherin like greed and cunning and high ambition. Luna belongs in Ravenclaw, no doubt about it.
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