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Re: Rate / Review the Last Film you've seen v.3

1. The Way Back - good enough, kind of grim. At first the previews made it seem like a basketball movie, and then I read reviews that it was an alcohol rehab movie. But it goes back deeper than that, to recovery from other, earlier life issues, although, there is at least one line that suggests that the main character's dad also had severe alcohol problems, so perhaps some of those earlier issues that spawned the alcohol problem go back to the father's alcohol problem. It's complicated, and that's a good thing, for this sort of slice of life movie. These issues are not easy. 7/10

2. Onward - Better than I expected (rainy afternoon - wanted to support local theaters, cause they are getting killed with social isolation). Still a Pixar movie, but a bit watered-down 'Disneyfied.' Still it has a true Pixar-type twist near the end that works. 8.5/10

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