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Re: Fan Scripts: Script your own version of Harry Potter

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
Well in light of todays casting news I decided to add the next part of my old HBP screenplay that includes 3 of the newly casted members lol. I didn't want to actual show QUidditch so the following scene is the aftermath and don't worry, we won't be seeing that actual funeral for Aragog
Those Harry/Ginny moments are good, and I almost laughed at the arguement over Rosmerta.

But "Bloody hell"? I hate that line. It doesn't seem Ron to me and it's overuse through out the movie series is annoying

Originally Posted by Phrozenone View Post
Oh Arry there is just SO much. I like some of the things but you have ALOT of things there. Why the prophecy at the beginning? You're introducing something that won't get brought up again until the 5th film and probably won't be resolved until the 6th. I mean it's an interesting concept and if this was a trilogy I'd say yeah good idea! It'll be interesting to see how your series shapes up though. What is the time limit you're giving yourself?

Just remember Peter Jackson had to fight really hard to get LOTR that long and the thing LOTR had that Harry Potter doesn't are huge battles that lasted 20+ mins. Keep it up though it's very interesting.
I'm glad you like at least some of it.

The prophecy bit I added just to add mystery to the film, really. To add something that won't be resolved till later. I think this is important in a series. IMO, the real movies don't do this well. The important things for later get glossed over, and when they need remembering, you won't. (I'm not that good at writing out a point, so I hope you understand)

I hope to finish at roughly 130 pages. I'm about 1/3 way through the book and about 1/3 way through the limit, so I'm kind of OK, but I think the bulk of the pages will probably go to the last chapters, so then I'll be in trouble.

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