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Re: The Deathly Hallows DVD

Originally Posted by ArryGrotter View Post
Since it is the Triple Play, it definitely will
Thanks for the help!

Wal-Mart and US-exclusive 2-Disk set:

Now I'm wishing I lived in the United States... We get nothing of the sort in Canada. Does anybody know if the special features are typically on the DVD disk from the Triple Play DVD as well as the Blu-Ray, or just on the Blu-Ray? I'd love the special features, of course, and considering in Canada the only way to get them is with the Blu-Ray, this seems the way to go. I do have a Blu-Ray player, but as it's on my computer, it won't be nearly so accessible. Irregardless, I'd prefer to have a simple 2-disk DVD to go along with the others.

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