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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Hey, This post should be a little longer, and a little better, but chapter 3 will be better I think. Lol. Pay attention to this chapter cause it’s really important, even if it does seem pointless, well enjoy, and please leave feedback, I would love to hear some ideas.

Lily Potter James Longbottom age 4

Chapter 2: A Train Ride Home

Lily was awakened by Daniel. He had kissed her so gently on the lips that it tickled. She opened her eyes and crawled up out of bed.

“Morning sunshine.” Daniel said, kissing her sweetly on the lips again.

“Oh, no! Not again! Can’t someone walk in this house without seeing you two snogging?” James burst aloud as he was opening the door with a tray of breakfast he was about to give her.

“It’s called a room. And that’s called a door, you knock on it so we can tell you to go away.” Said Lily looking at the tray of food.

“Which makes it all the worst,” he mumbled under his breath so that the other two didn’t hear him.

“I came to apologize for last night, if that helps,” he said.

“I’ll just go.” Daniel kissed her hand and passed James.

Again, James couldn’t help but notice the fact that Daniel had winked at him! Surely that must mean something? No. As soon as Daniel reached the door he turned around and glared at James, and then blew one last kiss to Lily, slamming the door shut behind him.

James walked toward Lily, the tray was getting quiet heavy. He had spent all morning making breakfast, not just for her, but everyone, but he felt he should do something special for her. He had made her mad in the first place. After hours of no sleep last night, he realized what he should do, spent another hour trying to write it, and then finally giving up.

It was the hardest moment of James’ life. As he sat there at Sirius’ desk, he realized everything about Lily. She was caring, and she tried her best to get along with James, but he wouldn’t let her get near him. Not since they were four at least.

How could I have been so stupid? Thought James, as he placed a flower on the tray. After all this time, you were just worried that Lily would still hate you, though you continued to like her! And what have you done to prove it to her? Absolutely nothing but make her mad and tease her! She probably thinks you hate her! How could you be such a git?

He placed the tray down onto the bed, hoping he hadn’t thought what he just did. Lily, as he pointed out so many times, was like his sister. They loved each other in a family way and would do anything for each other.

“Thank you for the food, but I don’t think I’ll need it, it might lead to another problem,” she said airily and shooing him away. When she heard the door click she turned around convinced that he was gone. She looked at her bed where she saw the tray of food, along with a tulip tied to a note. She walked over, picked up the note and read;

I am so sorry about last night. I am a big git and should learn to shut my mouth. I know how much you like tulips; remember when we were four, when you didn’t hate me? I made breakfast this time, enjoy.

Your friend,

She had remembered when they were four. She tried the grits he had brought up, but nearly gagged laughing to death as she had to spit them back out.

James was a terrible cook.

She glanced at the note one last time, and then looked over to her dresser where her best pictures were. One of them being in a yellow garden full of tulips.

The whole family went to Uncle Bill’s house, where they had a giant garden that belonged to Aunt Fleur. It had what seemed like a million yellow tulips, just like this one.

She and James wanted to play a game they were told about in a book called the ‘Secret Garden’. She took one look at all the tulips and started to giggle, when James picked one and gave it to her.

“I like tulips.” She said.

“Why?" He asked, blushing a bit at his small gift.

“Because you gave me one,” she answered back with pink cheeks.

“Then I guess that means you like me too?” he asked her with the same silly grin he always had. She thought about it and nodded her head. Her cheeks turned really pink because just then, James had kissed her. She giggled then said,

“I love you James.” He blushed to a point that his cheeks were bright red. When he stood up he accidentally stepped on a tulip that was still in the garden.

She cried.

“I hate you James. How could you do that to a flower? You’re mean, and a murderer!” she cried some more, picked up the flower, and ran into the house showing her mum what James did to it.

She laughed at the memory. How did he remember that? She sniffed the tulip and put it in her hair. She ate, more liked forced most of it down her throat, her breakfast, and headed down stairs with her trunk, owl, and Firebolt 3000. He was wrong about one thing, She did say she hated him.

But was it true?

************************************************** ****************************************

James sat there thinking if he was too lame this morning. He remembered when he was four so well. It was his favorite memory because it was the first time Lily Potter said that she loved him.

He really needed to wake up, he was starting to think unclearly and his breakfast, as he had found out moments ago, was absolutely atrocious and he had to throw it down the garbage disposal. Everyone had taken their sweet time in teasing him about it, telling him how great it was as they tried giving it to an old Crookshanks, even he wouldn’t eat it!

He was glad to see Lily come down the stairs with the tulip in her hair, and smiling at him. That was a good sign. She wasn’t mad at him anymore.

At least I did something right.

When she was down the stairs that seemed to be the cue that it was time to go. He stood up, took her arm, and led her out to the ministry cars, opened the door to one of them, and she slid in. As he went to sit next to her, someone practically jumped into the car. James, thinking it might be one of her cousins being funny, he slid in next.

When he shut the door he noticed that it wasn’t one of Lily’s cousins, but it was Daniel in the car, and he was now sitting beside her. It hurt him to see them together but he never said a word about it. Whenever he did, she got mad at him.

She doesn’t deserve someone like him. She needs someone who will treat her right.

He was glad to see Harry, who still looked quite young, along with his wife, Ginny, in the front seats. He knew that they wouldn’t snog in front of her parents.

“So nice to see you two not fighting for a change.” Harry said, and Ginny nudged him in the ribs.

“It’s lovely to see you again, James.” Ginny said sweetly.

“Uh, thanks, but you saw me this morning and yesterday, Mrs. Potter,” he said slowly looking away form her to Harry, hoping for an explanation. Harry sighed, looked at Ginny, then said,

“Well, we’ve already told everyone else this morning, but you three were up stairs,” he looked straight at Lily in a fatherly teasing way, “and didn’t happen to hear.” he finished lamely. Smiling broadly as he waited to see who the first responder would be.

“What?” Lily asked no longer waiting for the good news.

“Well, Lil, what would you like? A brother or a sister?” he asked smiling.

“Oh, daddy, really? Mum you’re pregnant? Oh yes!” she jumped up and hugged her parents as best she could, which wasn’t easy considering she had to crawl over Daniel, squeeze between two seats, and manage to retain her balance. She tripped once, and Daniel made sure he grabbed her in an inappropriate place. James glared at him and then poked him very hard in the ribs with his knuckles. Daniel let go right away and Lily fell back into her original seat.

“Hey, how come you didn’t yell at your dad? He called you Lil,” asked James, trying desperately to get the image out of his mind.

“Because he’s my dad. Does that answer both of your questions?” she asked smiling still.

“But I’m the one who made it up.”

“Then I guess you’re the one I should hit for getting me stuck with it,” and she reached over and slapped him on the knee.

“Well you call me Jam?”

“Cause you call me Lil. Now we’re even,” she said smiling at him.

“Does that mean I get to hit you back now?”

“I told you it wouldn’t take long for them to start arguing again.” Harry said, and everyone laughed, including James and Lily.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily was so happy, she smiled form ear to ear. She only felt like one thing was wrong with this wonderful day, there were other ministry cars taking everyone else to Kings Cross Station, but the one person she wanted to be with, was in this car. She didn’t know why, but ever since this morning she didn’t hate James. She was sitting between Daniel and the door, James was only one person away, but it seemed like a million miles.

Wait, what am I thinking? I don’t like James like that. He’s only a friend. I’m going out with Daniel; he’s whom I love. Did he ever give you yellow tulips? She asked herself in her head.

“No.” she said aloud, not realizing until everyone looked at her.

“No what dear?” her mother asked.

“No, I don’t want another sister. It would be nice to have a baby brother.” She said only half lied. She did want a baby brother.

James was looking at her. She blushed and then turned away. She stole a quick glance at Daniel, and felt a tinge of guilt. He squeezed her shoulder, and that was when James turned away.

She leaned into Daniel some more, hoping to feel less guilty, but just as she did so, the car had parked, and her father got out and let them all out. When she got out James was already there to help her out, she took his hand and got up, smiling at him politely.

When they all got past the barrier, and waved goodbye to their parents, they found a compartment big enough for all of them, which wasn’t easy considering there was only one like this in the whole train. She sat in Daniel’s lap James sat across from her, and everyone else, except for her brother and cousin John, sat down.

Daniel kissed her, and she slightly blushed. She turned to James, and noticed he was staring out the window. Everyone was laughing at her expense of public affection.

“What? It’s not like you guys don’t have a relationship,” she said, smiling halfheartedly. She hated not knowing what was bothering James. Now that she thought of it everybody was in a relationship, well everyone but James. It wasn’t that he didn’t have any options, he did. He had about every girl in the school after him, but he just didn’t like going out.

He had told Lily once that girls are just too complicated when they get into Hogwarts. They try acting older than they are and make everything serious, while the boys try to sit back and relax.

She didn’t do that. Did she?

************************************************** ****************************************

James was looking out the window. He was thinking about Lily. He knew just about every girl in the school was after him but he didn’t care. James knew he could never love anyone like he did Lily.

Where in the hell did that come from?

He was watching Lily out of the corner of his eye and sighed.

There’s no denying. You’re in love with the girl. Infatuated with her!

He looked away from the window. An idea had just come to him. What if I ask someone out? Would it make her jealous? It always worked in those muggle movies. No. she has a boyfriend. Well I guess that’s that. He was battling with himself, but he was also convincing himself. I have to do something, he thought, I can’t lose her.

He looked at the doorway and noticed a seventh year Ravenclaw girl walk by. He knew her, she was very pretty, and her name was Heather Chang, taking her mother’s name as she had three stepfathers.

“I’ll be right back,” he said, standing up. He glanced at Lily she was watching him, her eyes following him as he walked toward the door.

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“Well, mum, I don’t think that’s any of your business.” He said a little too harshly. He saw hurt in her eyes and she turned away. She really had to start getting used to that. Teasing was part of James’ life, without it, people might actually be able to read him like a book.

He stepped out of the compartment. He hated upsetting her, he always told her everything, even if he randomly decided to go out for a drink, he’d tell her because, normally, she would always stop him, and he let her. He sighed and turned to find Heather.

He found her in a compartment full of girls. Chattering girls. He walked in and all of them turned into profound giggles.

Why do they all have to giggle?

“Um…. May I speak to Heather alone, please?” he asked, and they all went into high pitched giggles, if that was possible.

“Anything you want to say to me, you can tell me in front of the girls.” Heather said, with a big grin on her face and an extremely misty gaze toward James. James realized whatever he said in front of these girls would be spread through Hogwarts faster than he could say Quidditch. For a split second James thought, Is this really what I want? What if the gossip hurts Lil?

“Ugh, ugh,” James stuttered, “ I was just wondering, where you got that great looking scarf? My friend wanted one for her birthday.” Liar. . . .

Heather looked a bit shocked that she wasn’t going to be afforded a coach full of laughter at James’ expense.

“Oh,” she said, “It was a gift from my great aunt.” She sensed, as did everyone else, he’d wanted to discuss something entirely different with her, but she blew it with her flippant attitude. Her smugness disappeared as James responded.

“Oh, well that’s no help- thanks anyway though.”

He quickly turned, closed the compartment door, and headed down the aisle.

Enough of that, I have to win Lil back, I can’t stand it without her, but not this way. BAD IDEA. It’s Lil or no one. I just hope she figures it out. After all, she did tell me she loved me in the garden, and I know it came from her heart when she said it. There’s got to be a way. . . . The yellow tulips. . . . the yellow tulips. . . . I wonder? James was lost in complete thought on his way back to their compartment room, sat down by the window, and intently watched the land go by, he avoided looking at Lil, it was too painful. God, how I love her. James closed his eyes in thought till sleep mercifully swept him away.

He woke up, being shaken awake by Lily. He opened his eyes and noticed that both sets of Weasley twins were gone. Lily seemed to read his thoughts.

“They’re doing prefect duties, they’re a bit late really. I woke you up because we should be changing into your robes, not that you need me to tell you, I’m not your mother.” She said rolling her eyes.

He blushed a bit, then put his robes over his clothes.

“Why aren’t you doing head duties?” James asked, trying to change the subject.

“The head boy didn’t show up, stupid git. I had to make the meeting short because I couldn’t do it on my own, he was supposed to give the other half of our speech.” Lily responded sounding irritated. James rolled his eyes, and then without thinking, for he had done it many times before, he took off the blue shirt he was wearing and placed his black robes over his body, not bothering to change his pants just yet.

When he sat back down, he heard a knock at the compartment door. He was glad the mood in the room had changed because Lily had sighed dramatically as though this was an everyday sort of thing, but Daniel didn’t agree. He wrapped his arms protectively around her waist and Lily’s eyes bulged out at the light tug he did to show James that she was his.

“What’s Heather doing here?” Rupert asked, one of Lily’s cousins. Lily got up and let her in. She shot him a hurtful look before she sat down on top of Daniel again. She already knew what was going on, but why the look?

“Hi, um, you wanted to talk to me?” Heather asked, twisting her scarf nervously as sets of Weasley, Potter, Lupin, and Longbottom eyes stared at her in disbelief. He wondered if he should still do this. He looked at Lily, she was snogging with Daniel, purposely trying to ignore the situation going on in the room.

He bit his lip, and then said loudly, and as real as he could, hoping she would accept.

“Yes. I was wondering, if you aren’t currently seeing anyone, if you would give me the honor of going out with me?” he asked, putting a sure smile on his face.

She blushed fiercely, and Lily stopped snogging Daniel with a look of sure shock on her face, and Daniel was giving him a smile with a big thumbs up now that he knew that James wasn’t after Lily at all.

“Well?” he asked, now getting a bit nervous that she hadn’t answered yet, and that all eyes were now on him.

“Yes! Oh, wait until I tell the girls about this. I’m going out with James Longbottom!” she shrieked and headed for her own compartment.

He smiled, and then turned to tell the two sets of Weasley twins about what just happened, for they had just walked In when Heather left.

************************************************** ****************************************

Lily didn’t know why she was so jealous. She should be happy for James, he finally had a girlfriend. She congratulated him, but turned away as soon as she felt a single tear fall down her face.

I have a boyfriend. I can’t let one thing that he did this morning take my heart away.

The train came to a stop. The aisles were flooded with students in black robes and pointed hats. As soon as she got outside and felt the cool air on her face, she heard the normal yell of her favorite professor.

“Firs’ years over here!” shouted Professor Hagrid, giving a cheery wave to the group.

Everything went dark as a pair of warm hands went over her eyes. She laughed at this silly tradition. James turned her around, not to him, but slightly to the left and made her stop. He took his hands off her eyes, then whispered in her ear.

“Welcome home.”

The words were enough to send chills down her back, but his whisper was warm, and welcoming. She closed her eyes, looking away from her home.
She knew it right then, that she would have to stop her craziness for James, and concentrate on what she had.

He hugged her from the back and then rested his chin on her shoulder. Her eyes opened and Daniel was standing right in front of her. Afraid he would get jealous, she ran up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him lightly on the cheek. He didn’t seem upset at all. These past four years of tradition grew on him, for he knew it was something the two of them just – just did.

They always seemed to get separated when they got to the carriages. The only people in the carriage were, James, Kelcy, Kiyla, Daniel, herself, and to her dislike, Heather. Not that she wasn’t happy for James she just was never able to stand the girl in the first place. She always seemed to be uptight, and rather rude to less unfortunate girls that weren’t her.

She stared at Heather; she had long black hair with big, watery brown eyes, and of course a beautiful face. Her mother was Cho Chang, she ended up working at the ministry for some sort of muggle witness protection. It was no wonder James liked her she was much prettier than Lily herself.

James was one of her best friends, and if he was hoping to have a girlfriend, then she was going to be friends with Heather, even if her definition of friends wasn’t the same as everyone else’s’.

“So, Heather, can you see threstrals?” Lily asked, and started to laugh along with everyone else, because of Heather’s lost look.

“Um, no, sorry to say I don’t even know what your talking about.” She said, laughing nervously with everyone else so she didn’t feel so stupid.

Lily started wiping the tears of laughter on her cheeks. Everyone in her family, including James and Daniel, could see threstrals. When she was six her kitten had been ran over in front of all of them. She cried for hours until James gave her a kitten his cat had had a couple of months before. Now that she thought of it, it was also the day James earned his nickname.

“So, Lil, how many detentions do you think Daniel and I will get from you this year?” James asked with a bemused look on his face.

“Well I don’t know, Daniel has a special pass, but you, I don’t know. Maybe I’ll give you one for snoring too loud or something.” She said, laughing with the others.

“I don’t snore.” he mumbled, but it just made everyone laugh even harder, until the carriage came to a halt in front of Hogwarts.

This was going to be an unusual year.

How did you like this chapter? I am writing chapter 3 on this right now, so stay on. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Remember, I love feedback.


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