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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

Ok, sorry I havn't posted in a while. Well I wrote the poem myself, can you believe it, I write my own poems as well as my own book? lol. Well enjoy! And please leave feedback.

Ginny Weasley Potter

Chapter 10: Happy Birthday

Lily felt terrible. She was already wearing Daniel's necklace. Sh e watched James walk off, it wasn't until she noticed where he was heading when she stopped him.

He had just walked in front of the blank wall for the third time. He looked at her dull and sad.

"Don't you dare go in that room just to get drunk James Frank Longbottom!" she said running up to him with a big smile.

He stood there looking at her in shock, then she ran up and hugged him. He didn't know what to do, his arms were still open, but wrapped them around her just as soon as she started to cry.

When they pullled away, she was smiling, he blushed a bit.

"I thought you were upset?" he asked, now smiling as well. She shook her head.

"I love it James, but, well you know, Daniel did come first and he is my,"

"boyfriend." he finished for her, completly letting go of her. He turned around and started to walk away.

"Yeah I understand." he said as if in disbaliefe.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

It was James' turn to be mad at Lily. After all he had been through and done for her, she still loved that git?!

After he bought her the locket, he put a charm on it, the tulips tied together stood for him and Lily, he put the charm on his, if she didn't love him, his tulip would vanish, or if he didn't love her.

Lily stood there in tears, but not of joy anymore. When she realized he wasn't coming back, and turned around.

He wished that she would of at least opened the locket, he put something very special in there just for her.

He didn't go to the room of requirement like he had planned, instead he went down to lunch.

He didn't even get passed his first sandwitch when the late mail arrived. He never exspected anything because he would see no point in it when he knew most of the staff.

He was surprised to see his bird, Scarlette, a red owl, land in front of him with what looked like an invatation?

Dear James,

Happy Halloween! But as you know, today is my darling daughter's birthday. This year we are holding a surprise party in my office.

The password has changed, just as yours had, but mine, thankfully, doesn't have anything to do with my bloody self.

Come tonight at dinner, we have chosen you as Lily's escort, for Sirius has told me you are very good at hiding things. The password is Lilycums!

Your second father Harry

He laughed a bit at the new password. He knew that Lily would hate it.

He remembered Lily again. He stopped laughing and put the invatation in his pocket and left to the owlery.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily cried all the way to her dormitry. She didn't know why, perhaps it was just because they had just became friends again, but were now in the same posistion as they were earlyer.

She opened the beautiful heart shaped box to see the locket again. She took the locket out and opened it. Something light fell into her lap, but she didn't notice for she was to busy looking at the pictures.

One was when she was asleep and she was breathing very slowly, and the other was her and James, she was standing, arms around his neck and hair down his shoulder, while he was sitting and had one hand over hers. They were both happy.

She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. She closed the locket and took the one she had on off, and put James' on, she would never tell, and both boys would never know.

As she put the locket Daniel had given her away, she noticed the thing that had fallen into her lap. It was the tinyest piece of parchment she had ever seen. "Engorgieo." she did a nonverble spell. The parchment grew into normal size, then she started to read,


Tell me. What is time?
I'll tell you what I think.
Every second my heart beats for you,
every hour I think of
you, but every day I live without you,
every week I notice your smile
every month I notice your beauty,
and every year I see how you've grown.
Tell me. What is time?
Because every second you rip my heart away,
every minute you only wave, every hour you think of him,
but every day you live without me, every
week you notice my comment, every month
you notice a cocky grin, and
every year you see me as an inconsiderate dolt.
Tell me. What is time?
Because you don't seem to know.

She cried, but that didn't stop her from writing on the back of it.

For two hours she wrote, leaving tear stains on the parchment. She shrunk it back to its origanil form, then put it back in her locket, holding it close to her heart.

What she didn't realize, was that one of the tulips inprinted on her locket had disappeared.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James picked up a still crying Lily, he didn't know why she was still crying after so many hours ago. He rolled his eyes and told her that Harry had to see them about head duties. She followed.

He didn't want to feel the way he had for her so many years before, he couldn't do it. He now wished that he never gave her that locket so she would never have the chance of opening it, but he knew she wouldn't, she loved Daniel to much.

They reached the stone gargoyal, and he was right, she redend in the face as he said the new password.

"Surprise!" everyone shouted as they walked through the door. Everyone was there; Daniel, her brother and sisters, her mother and father, his mother and father, and everyone else whol had attended the twin's early birthday party, even the Slytherin girlfriend of Sirius's, Mandy Malfoy, though she looked like she would rather be any were but here, Sirius must of dragged her along.

Lily immeaditly lost all trace of tears and sadness and squeeled as she ran to her mother and father for a hug.

The party was going on fine, he being the only one who hadn't really been celibrating, untill Ginny brought out the cake. It had all 17 candles on it, and Lily's face was in the middle winking, while all her friends, including himself were behind her.

They all started to sing. He and Lily were great singers, they used to sing choir at church together, they even did duets, but this time he let his voice drag, and kept it down low.

When they were done singing the birthday song, he got a closer look at the cake. He couldn't help it, it just slipped,

"Look. A big head just like yours. I wonder if its full of nonsince like yours, or just full of air?" he said rudly.

He could see her hold back her tears, but she blew her candles to stop herself. Not a singl one blew out.

"Well it's definatly not air." he said, being the only one to laugh, besides Mandy.

That did it. Lily covered her eyes and ran out of the room.

When he stopped laughing, he turned around to see all the angry staring faces.

Ok, how was that? I am sorry I miss imformed you, that last chapter you don't have to pay close attention to, it's this one you need to pay attention too, sorry. It will all add up in the end, lol. Sorry it was such a short chapter. Leave feedback!


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