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Re: A Generation We Can't Forget

OK, you know you love me, so here is the next post, lol. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, Lily povs in this Well here it is, and I hope you guys like it.

Nymphadora Tonks Lupin

Chapter 16: Figure It Out

James looked around the room. No one was there, but then he looked at the figure he was holding. Lily was awake! Her beautiful eyes were open, oh how he missed looking into her eyes. He was so excited, now he can see the what she had to say about all the midnight talks.

"You're awake? Do you know how much I missed you?" he said, but Lily had a confused look.

"Of coarse I'm awake. I've only been asleep for what, eight hours? How could you miss me?" she asked.

He let go of her hand, she didn't remember anything. Everything he told her, everything he said, she didn't remember. She thought she had been asleep for one nights time. He stroked her hair and smiled.

"Yeah, only one night. I don't know, I must of had a bad dream or something." he said.

Lily took notice to her surroundings. Her face looked scared.

"What am I doning in the hospitle wing?" she said, trying to get up. He pushed her back down, making her wine a bit.

"I'll go get Madam Pumfry." he said. He didn't want to leave her without answers, but he knew he wouldn't beable to explain everything.

He knocked on the healer's door again. He knew she would be angry at him for waking her at this hour of the night.

She opened the door, still in her nightgown, and her face red.

"What in heaven's name?" she said.

"Its Lily. Shes awake!" he said. He saw a look of relief and happyness on her face. He knew that she was happy to see him happy again, and that she would finally beable to get him out of her wing, but he didn't say anything, just let her to Lily.

He sat on the other bed, watching Madam Pumfry explain everything to Lily. Lily had tears down her face.

He was staring at her, he so desperatly wanted to go wipe away her tears, but had to stay still or Madam Pumfry would surely have her way and kick him out.

After her explaining, she left to go get the headmaster and every other staff member, leaving the two alone.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

Lily was so confused. She didn't remember anything that had happened, but Madam Pumfry had made it clear that she had suffered from anorexcia and that she had been in a coma for three weeks.

She knew James had to be mad at her. She felt something around her neck, she pulled it out from under her shirt. It was the locket that James had given her. It had two tulips now. She was confused, "I thought it only had one?" she thought, but then opened it but immeaditly closed it at the site of James.

"Do you remember anything?" he asked.

"Anything before the dance, but not the day it happened. I'm not sure I even believe you." she said. Then she knew why she was wearing the locket with two tulips. "I must be wearing the one from Daniel." she thought.

"Where is Daniel? I know he had to of come by?" she said, a smile spread across her face, but she quickly lost it as James frowned and turned away.

"I better tell you, or else you'll find out all over again." he said, his face screwed up as if trying not to cry.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Daniel would never cheat on her. She didn't know what to do. She had tears down her face again, but all she could say was.

"You're lieing." as she accused him, he got up and took her by the shoulders.

"Lily, don't start this again. You know perfectly well that I'm not lieing. I would never lie to you. I would never hurt you." he said.

What happened next scared her the most. He looked her in the eyes. She saw her reflection, she wasn't in a good state, but most of all, she saw James. The real James. The scared boy who would do anything for her, anything to keep her safe.

He stared into her eyes forever, then he leaned in close to her, an inch apart. Then turned his head and kissed her cheek.

She felt the warmness of his skin, his warm breath as it trickled down the small hairs. He got up and then smiled at her.

"When you figure it out, tell me." and then he left just as her father and mother walked in, leaving her in tears.

************************************************** ************************************************** ****

James didn't even realise what he did untill he walked out of the wing doors. He slid down the doors, and hugged his knees, then started to cry.

"You idiot! How could you do that?! She just woke up from a coma!" he shouted aloud. He was so glad the wing was sound proof, but that didn't stop the uncomeing Sirius to hear.

Sirius smiled. Something he hadn't done since he yelled at Lily at her birthday party.
As far as he knew, Sirius had hated him.

"Ah, so you do love her?" he said, walking up to him and sat next to him.
He nodded his head. It was all he could do but to admit it.

Sirius smile even bigger, glad that James was admitting it for once.

"But I just ruined it again. I kissed her, on the cheek, and told her she needs to figure it out." he said, adding the cheek quickly as Sirius glared at him.

Sirius stared at him, his face in consentration, but then it straightend up, and he said,

"You did the right thing. She does need to figure it out her self."

He was surprised to hear Sirius agree, then smiled.

Sorry to make that chapter so short but I have to go. Please leave feedback!


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