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Re: Alcohol in the Harry Potter Series

Originally Posted by TheViking
There is a strange thing about butterbeer. The discussion with the house-elfs in GoF seems to indicate that butterbeer is either non-alcoholic or very low alcoholic, as the kids find is strange that Winky get drunk.
You know, now that I think about it, maybe Butterbeer has a different effect on Houseelves then it does to Wizards/Muggles. A friend of mine searched the recipe to Butterbeer, (Yes, there is actually a recipe that teaches you how to make the infamous drink) and from what she told me, there was no content of alchohol whatsoever in the drink itself. She still has yet to send me the link to the recipe but when I get it, I shall post it up for the rest of you.

...from what I hear, it's quite fattening....

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