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Re: Alcohol in the Harry Potter Series

Oh yeah! Butterbeer is NOT a "soft" drink.

But I dont think it is a big deal. Let me explain you why.

Alcohol and minors in North America (talking about Canada and the US) is not well seen. It is not allowed by the culture and therefore by the law.

But other countries are completely different. In France, drinking WINE (not beer or any other kind of liquor, but WINE) it is very accepted. And I have seen this first hand. Parents give sips of wine to their kids and there are several studies that have proven that wine actually benefits your body even if you are a kid (of course, in small amounts, no I-am-an-alcoholic level)

In all Europe is very common to see minors drinking. Many many universities have bars INSIDE their campuses. And the legal age is 18 not 21 as in the US and Canada.
I grew up in Mexico and even there it is accepted. My parents used to say that as long as I was with them while I was drinking alcohol it was fine (because they could put an eye on me and make sure I wasnt getting drunk). And it was the same way with all my friends and cousins.

It is a cultural thing. Yes, it is not "normal" to your standars but it doesnt mean it is incorrect. I am pretty sure that readers in Europe are reading this thread with a "So-what?" face because it is not uncommon for them.

Besides, here is the point where parents have to talk to their kids. If it is not well seen by the culture and people, explain them why.

It is one of the many effects of the globalization. You get exposed to other cultures and their habits and traditions. Yes, they might look odd and even illegal but it just the way they are.


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