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Re: Alcohol in the Harry Potter Series

Well I'm seventeen and haven't gotten drunk yet or feel the need for it. I've read Harry Potter many times (over ten times for each book).

All drinking in HBP is moderate. They are not going out and saying "hey, let's go get wasted." So I think it's ok.

The only think possible that HP would do is expose kids to alcohol (if they haven't been exposed to it already). It doesn't say to go out and drink. And let's face it... if some one does go out after reading Harry Potter, they would probably have started any way since they are most likely weak minded.

Every thing depends on the individual. It is up to the parents, not JK Rowling, to ensure that children are not drinking and give them the moral direction to make sure they know drinking is wrong and will not be accepted.

I love America... I guess Harry is cool too...
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