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Re: The Twelve Uses of Dragon's Blood

Originally Posted by LoonyGirl
Everyone seems to think that Slughorn having red blood on his wall and Hagrid having green blood come out of his dragon steak was a mistake by JKR. However the thing is that there's many different breeds of dragons. Wouldn't it be very possible that different breeds have different color blood? That's how I always explained it to myself.
I agree, for it is plausible that different breeds have different color blood. I always believed that the dragon that provided the steak for Hagrid was of a poisonous breed:
OotP, Hagrid's Tale, Page 422, American, HB"You're not going to eat that, are you, Hagrid?" said Ron, leaning in for a closer look. "It looks poisonous."
"It's s'posed ter look like that, it's dragon meat," Hagrid said.

Even though he says "dragon meat" like all dragon meat looks this way, I think that the "greenish" blood suggests that this particular dragon was poisonous. The meat itself may have looked poisonous, but the "greenish blood" may have actually been poisonous (but Hagrid, with his giant ancestry, was protected from the poison). Therefore, I agree with you that this is not a mistake.
Originally Posted by dobbysfriend
Does anyone else think that it might be a little expensive to use dragon's blood as an oven cleaner?
I would expect so, yes, considering Slughorn said that one crystal bottle was his last, and prices were sky high. However, maybe when one uses dragon blood for oven cleaner, one drop will do. I hypothesize that Mrs. Skower's All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover uses dragon blood. It would be a very minute amount, but enough to clean incredibly effectively (combined with other mess removers, only a small amount of dragon blood would be needed).


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