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Re: The Twelve Uses of Dragon's Blood

Originally Posted by MLynas View Post
Was just on JKRs site and unlocked the original synopsis for PS, in the description of Hermione it says "Cleverest girl in the year and the only person in the class to know the 12 uses of dragon's blood"

Does this still hold true from JKRs original plot synopsis. If so then Hermione's usuall "House MD moment" (such as when she ran off from Harry and Ron in CoS after realising the monster was a Basilisk) will be remembering one of the uses of Dragons blood.
Thank you so much for the reminder!
I read that paper a long time ago, I think it was short after the renewing of Jo`s site. I had totally forgotten about that note. But now I`m aware of it once more, I think we should take that as a hint that we will hear the 12 uses of dragon blood in DH.

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