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4 Founders/4 Archangels

Could the four founders be modeled on the archangels (the 4 that are in the Bible)?

Gryffindor : Michael (courage, chivalry, and boldness), that is to say, battle.
Hufflepuff : Gabriel (hardworking, loyal, and honest), that is to say, the messenger.
Ravenclaw : Raphael (intelligence, creativity, wit, and wisdom), that is to say, look at how the Tobit book is written and how Raphael is constantly giving clues as to who he is. (The book of Tobit is in the Deuterocanon- the Apocraphya in protestant Bibles)
Slytherin : Lucifer (ambition, cunning, resourcefulness, and pure blood heritage), or, more to say, Pride, and all Slytherins, whether they are before or after Riddle are only willing lend themselves to a situation if it will benefit or glorify them.

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