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Well, i'm one of those who think there's an attack on the Grangers coming. I have a feeling he'll be taken away by Order members again. One theory i heard and liked is he had another dream, but this time the Grangers were being attacked, but he doesn't know if it's just another trap. However, members of the Order then turn up, tell him what happened and take him to either the Burrow or 12G.

The attack on the Grangers, unlikely as it sounds makes sense. We were told to watch the second movie for hints about future events and there was a scene where Lucius Malfoy gives the Grangers the eye. "...and your parents...muggles, aren't they?" - remember that line? Which was then followed up in GOF by Voldemort asking Lucius if he's up for a spot of muggle torture. With Hermione being so close to Harry, that is the perfect starting point.

On another note, this may be better suited to another thread regarding Harry's summer at the Dursleys, i'm not sure where it is though.

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